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jerrie said...

Thank you for letting us know so we can lift you up in prayer. I cannot imagine the crucible you are in. I'm so sorry and I grieve with you.

Doggie Den Daycare NC said...

Hi Root Family,
I look at this almost weekly and think about you all. How is that Goldie doing. I hope she is still a blessing to the family. School started for ya and I hope all goes well. Know that I am thinking of you all.
Dinamay IAR Durham

Anonymous said...

Mom you are my hero, you give me the courage to walk with my head high in knowing god loves me and protects me. Mom I love you so much! ~Kenzie

Elaine Hanchett said...

Thank you so much Amy for the Thank you card, Garth and I enjoyed receiving it and we wanted to Thank you for sharing your story and 4th of July with us! God Bless you both! Feel free to stop by anytime!
Elaine Hanchett

Jennifer Kurtz said...

Thinking about you and praying for you many, many times every single day.