Monday, August 18, 2014

Trusting God As Adam Goes Back to Surgery

This morning as I was helping Adam get ready to go to a CT scan, we had a few moments of waiting... okay more like 30.  We decided to toke advantage of the time and I asked him if I could read to him and he said yes.  I opened my bible and when I saw the passage it opened to I decided to read it to him because it seemed so appropriate.  It's a familiar passage Matthew 6:25-34. We are called specifically not to worry in this passage, we are reminded that God gives us all that we need when we need it.  I was thankful for the reminder again while reading it, but had no idea how important it was going to be as our day unfolded.

Adam is going back into surgery again tomorrow. 

So having read this first and having spent time in prayer for Adam and with Adam I was incredibly touched by how God threw that into our morning before we found out we would even be facing the OR again.  It's just like God to give us all we need.  All day as we waited and waited results, these scripture verses rang in my head.  All day I was reminded not to worry but instead lift into God's hands through prayer.

After the last 2 surgeries Adam had to have a drain placed in his brain to drain off excess fluid, after the first surgery part of why Adam was rushed into surgery is because the drain had already been removed and the pressure kept building shifting his brain and adding lots of pressure.  The drain from this last surgery was going to be taken out today.  The first drain came out smoothly and quick.  The drain today came out half way and then got stuck, so the physician assistant, then got another physician assistant and he couldn't get it out either.  Next came a neurosurgeon, who also couldn't get it out.  So they decided to order an x-ray to see if it was stuck on anything.  The neurosurgeon who performed the emergency surgery on Saturday came walking into Adam's room and instantly my heart sunk into my stomach. 

However, he didn't know any of this was going on, he was coming to tell me the results of Adam's CT scan from this morning and took another look at his shunt.  The neurosurgeon adjusted Adam's shunt yesterday turning it down half way.  Adam's brain has been through 2 surgeries and 3 shunt adjustments.  When I filled him in that we were just waiting for someone from neurosurgery to review the x-ray and tell us the plans he said he would do that.  He pulled up Adam's scan in the room and showed me.  It's wasn't stuck on anything but the drain was in a tight squeeze.  He then decided to give it one more shot, so he slowly and steadily was pulling when it broke.  About 3 inches of tubing is stuck inside.  So back into surgery Adam goes to have it removed. 

His surgery isn't scheduled so I have no idea what time he'll be in surgery tomorrow.  Please pray for Adam all day tomorrow.  He has been through so much and it's only been 6 days since we started all of this.  Pray for his strength, insurance, perseverance, and courage to keep fighting.  After each surgery we have seen some significant setbacks, and we are slipping further from his baseline.  Like I have said before... When God is directing the journey, there are no steps backwards.  Everything is in HIs hands and in His plans.

I am in awe of how incredibly strong my man is, how incredibly sweet and thoughtful he is, and what.fighter he is.  He inspires me to keep my eyes fixed on God,   After all God is the only one that knows what's going on in all of this and my hope and trust is in him.

PS.  I will update more on Adam another time... I am so tired and I need to close my computer and fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

Precious, Thank you for your update. Yes, sleep is good. I had to check your blog before I met with my pillow. Amy. ther4e are more people than you know praying for you. Today when UPS delivered my package. We started talking. Somehow talk came around to you and Adam. She is a Christian. She is praying for you and having others she knows praying too. Father is good. He has you covered . You know, my UPS driver said something interesting. Sometimes we go through things not for ourselves, but to show others how Father's strength works in us. You have said things like this before. I can hardly wait to get Home and see what blessings others have because of you. I am tired, too. I love you,

Anonymous said...

Wow..thank you for letting us know so we can pray for you both! I cannot imagine all you both are going through but God knows and He is holding you ever so close. You are loved!
In Christ,
Emily J

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