Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mighty Warrior Meets Surgery Again

Thank you to all of you who received word or saw my frantic post and got down on your knees and prayed for us.  Today has been a roller coaster of a day. 

Let's start from the beginning... MY MAN IS A MIGHTY WARRIOR!  I have said that since the beginning, he is a warrior in God's army.

Adam slept through the night very well, almost too well, but I chalked it up to him being post surgical and needing rest.  He was easy to arouse when it came to breakfast so again, I took this as a good sign..  It kind of started from here... when Adam was up eating breakfast with my I noticed he was very swollen in the face, but again he just has his drain removed yesterday so I expected to see some swelling.  Next the occupational therapist who worked with Adam yesterday felt that Adam was doing much better today in his session than yesterday and I agreed. He washed himself, brushed his teeth, moved around well... he was doing so good!  After OT Adam wanted to climb back into bed and all he wanted to do was sleep.

Adam's parents have been in town since Adam's surgery on Wednesday and came to the hospital on their way out of town which was around noon.  As Adam continued to sleep and sleep, he would wake up to go to the bathroom and his speech was much worse very quickly.  I asked Adam's nurse to page the doctor so I could ask some questions.  I wanted to know if what I was seeing was typical post surgery and having just taken the drain out yesterday or if I needed to be concerned.  He told me he would like to get a CT scan just to make sure there were no brain bleeds from the surgery, and after asking if he was doing this just for my benefit, he said no it was for his, then I was relieved to know that it would be only a matter of minutes and I would know Adam would be fine.

Only... that wasn't the case.

Thankfully there were no brain bleeds, but instead there was a large collection of fluid, creating an huge increase of pressure in Adam's brain.  It caused Adam's brain to shift significantly in just a short amount of time.  This meant emergency surgery to get the pressure relieved quickly before it could get worse or cause damage.  Adam was in surgery with 40 minutes of the results being shared with me.  Not a lot of time to process all that was going on. To be honest I still haven't processed it fully, my emotions are all over from relieved to a complete sobbing mess.  And. I am sure I speak for Adam's parents too, that they feel the same way... Adam's parents got all the way home (about 4 hours) and Adam's mom came all the way back. (Bringing my kiddo with her)

Oswald Chambers writes "We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties." Prayer requests were sent out quickly and the response was humbling and overwhelming... thank you! I said this morning in my post and I will say it again, you all play a huge role in the "Root For Adam" team, your prayers mean more to me than I could ever express.  It's because of these prayers and God's hand in it all that there was peace as I waited out surgery.  Peace that once again washed over me.  God's peace, His hand was in all of this and just as I blogged about this morning, he has allowed this and I still believe all that the Bible says about how good God is!  God is so good! 

Adam's surgery went very well, neurosurgeon said that he was pleased how things turned out.  He also talked about Adam's shunt, he decided to turn it up to the maximum setting which is going to plump things up a little and hopefully help to stabilize the pressure.  They will be doing follow up CT scans to monitor this significant change.  Adam's shunt was on the second to lowest setting before this adjustment so it is a big change.  The neurosurgeon also said that they were able to catch it quickly enough and said that was very encouraging.

Please pray for Adam to recover quickly and with NO more complications.  Pray for rest and comfort as know he is dealing with pain on top of pain.  Pray also that he will be able to take things by mouth soon.  This is important as he has his seizure medications that he is used to taking, while he is lethargic and unable to take pills they had to put him on a different medication via IV.  So please pray with all these changes and surgeries that there will be no seizures.  Pray for quick stability so that we can get out of the ICU.  I will update more when I can, I am exhausted and still processing all of this.

I am rejoicing again for God's sovereignty and his protection over Adam as he under went surgery again.  God is so good!  My man is a might warrior for sure! 

PS... It felt so good to hug and kiss my kiddo!


Anonymous said...

Dear One, My whole family was here, we stopped everything and prayed. I was praying for you as I went to sleep. I dreamt about you guys. I had to get up and thought I would check to see if you posted. What a sweet pillow to go back to sleep on.

I have my granddaughters for a couple of nights as their mom is doing the Bubble Run with her brother, in Everett tomorrow. It's only a couple of nights, and she misses them already. I am sure Mackenzie was glad to see you too.

I love you guys, and am continuing to trust Father for each of you.

Katie Salberg said...

So thankful for God's goodness today, upon reading your report. Howard and I dropped everything to pray last night. God hears our prayers! There is such awesome power in prayer. Love you Amy. We will continue in heartfelt prayer for Adam, you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. "The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped"--Psalms 28:7a
Continuing in prayer,

Pam said...

Praying for your family, dear Amy. You are such an example of faith and courage in the face of adversity. You and Adam are an inspiration to so many. Love & Prayers for all of you!

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