Saturday, August 9, 2014


 Today I need You
Just to get through
Today I'm breaking
Under the weight of it all
And I'm afraid I might fall

Today I'm empty
But I am willing
To keep listening
And looking for You in the noise
For Your quiet voice

o     Are You telling me to go?
Are You telling me to stay?
Are You telling me to hold on to You for another day?
Cause I got nothing left
And I'm hanging by a thread

I give You all my weakness, You give me
Your strength
Cause I'm here again,
Here at my end
Where You begin

Above are some of the lyrics from a song that feels like it was written from the depths of my heart.  The song is "Where you Begin" by Mandisa  I underlined the last part because I am believing this, I am at my end and I believe when we reach the point that there is nothing more we can do, it is for us to trust God and stand back in expectation of Him showing up in a mighty way, taking control and bringing healing and restoration that can only be pointed at Him. 
Prayer is our greatest need as we begin to head towards surgery week. Or what we are still hoping to be surgery week... read on for the details...
As we are doing our best to prepare we are meeting a fair share of obstacles, I want to share these with you all so you have a better idea how to pray for our family in the coming days.  Two weeks ago we met with our physiatrist (a physiatrist is a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, this doctor directs and helps guide the recovery process from the brain injury CLICK here for more understanding what a physiatrist does )  Adam is currently working with two physiatrists and together with the rest of Adam's team believe that getting Adam back to his baseline as quickly as possible is going to be very important.  The best way they see this happening is through inpatient rehabilitation.  Meaning Adam would be in the hospital for roughly 4 weeks to maximize his ability to recover quickly.  While I completely understand the benefit and there is no doubt in my mind that this what is best for Adam medically speaking, it's difficult to comprehend living in the hospital again for weeks. 
Having Adam home and living life with us is so normal, despite how different it looks now compared to before his injury, it's our normal.  There is nothing normal about life in a hospital... nothing. Because Adam has been home for so long and going back to hospital without him cognitively fully able to remember and understand why he is there we have decided it is best that I stay with him.  This will minimize confusion if I can help orientate him to where and why he is where he is.  It's difficult processing all these changes that are taking place in our home and being separated as family.

All I can do is trust God even though none of this is making sense.  I heard a sermon a few months back and the pastor was talking about God requiring our faith, especially when it doesn't make sense.  So I am working on keeping my eyes fixed on above, rather than in the mess of the circumstances around me.  When nothing makes sense and when troubles seem more than you can bear, remember that God gives strength.  He just requires our faith and for us to take our eyes off our circumstances and fix them on Him.  Habakkuk 3:19 "The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights."  I often forget that before we can enjoy the view from the mountain tops, there is ALWAYS a journey testing our strength to it's limits in order to reach the top. But He gives us the strength to endure the climb to the top.
Today Adam had his pre operation appointment to check his blood, heart, and make sure he has no infection brewing.  We were a little surprised when his EKG was abnormal.  Adam has not had an EKG to my knowledge so there was nothing to compare it to.  The doctor ended up doing 5 separate reads on the EKG and all were coming back abnormal.  She said she was a little concerned and wanted to talk to the cardiologist.  Less than an hour later I received a phone call letting us know that Adam's EKG was abnormal and far enough from normal that had them concerned.  Before going under anesthesia they want to rule out any complications.  The cardiologist wants to do a echocardiogram to rule out any blood clots that could potentially cause the right side of his heart to be enlarged and could also cause the abnormal read out from his EKG.  This has caught us a little off guard so we ask that you pray for Adam's upcoming appointment on Monday.  If all goes well surgery will go on as scheduled, if not then we are going to have to adjust our plans accordingly. 

Prayer requests that we have:
  • Pray that Adam's cardiologist will be able to find cause for the abnormal EKG and that it will not be anything serious
  • Pray against any infections or complications
  • Pray for no seizure activity
  • Pray for Adam's entire team of doctors and surgeons, for guidance, wisdom, and God's strength to be at work in them.
  • Pray for insurance coverage for an opening at the right inpatient rehabilitation facility
  • Pray for Adam to regain his strength quickly after surgery
  • Pray that Adam will return and surpass his baseline
  • Pray for Adam's speech and language to be in tact after surgery
  • Pray for full use of the right side of Adam's body
  • Pray against any hemorrhaging during Adam's surgery
  • Pray for all team members of Adam's medical team to cooperate on what's best for Adam
  • Pray that this would propel Adam's recovery in ways that doesn't seem fathomable, but can only be described as miraculous
  • Pray that God will be glorified in all of this
  • Pray that we will be His light where ever we are
  • Pray that anyone touching Adam can feel God's touch through him
  • Pray that we have abundant opportunities to show God's love not just tell of it
  • Pray for me to walk by faith, to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and to trust Him without doubt, fear or anxiety
  • Pray for us as a family as we are separated during this time (Mackenzie has been with Adam's parents so that I can be with Adam)
  • Pray for Adam's parents as they travel to Washington for Adam's surgery and for their strength as they now have a teenager once again under their roof
  • Pray for Mackenzie as she starts her first day of high school in all of this craziness
Thank you for your prayers, comments, messages, and love that you all have poured out on our family as we walk this journey.  Your words, messages, and love encourage me greatly... thank you.


Anonymous said...

My Dear Amy, WOW!! Father is preparing you for quite a testimony. I am currently in a study "Twisting the Truth", by Andy Stanley. We want to connect all the dots as to the why and wherefores of our life. In last weeks session Andy said there only three dots to connect, "In the beginning, In the mean time, and At the end". Your "In the Mean Time" is full of opportunity to fall away, YET, you stay on target with trust and following Jesus." Satan doesn't like that. He would love for you turn from Father and give up. Because you aren't, Father has many wondrous gifts in store. I don't know why you must walk this path to get to the answer. He does. I do know He is being glorified, and when He is glorified, He rewards those who bring it to Him. I don't know the answer to your requests. He does. He see the end from the beginning. He is already in/at the answer waiting for the time you and your sweet family are to arrive.

I am trusting Father you not only believe, BUT F E E L the strength and love of His everlasting arms around you. I am trusting He shows you a glimpse of what He has in store so that you might have hope. I am trusting Him you feel His peace flood all concerned that there might be rest.

I love you and am grateful to be a part of your journey. THANK YOU.

Katie Salberg said...

Hello Beautiful One! Your steadfastness is such a beautiful testimony of the personal relationship we can have with our God. Only through the power of His Spirit living in us can we endure such trials and produce such beautiful fruit. The list of prayer requests is so helpful. I printed it out and have on the table in my prayer room. God adores you Amy! He delights in you, I am sure, because you embrace what he has for you with open arms.
With love and appreciation, Katie

Adam & Amy Root said...


Thank you so much for sharing the Mandisa CD with me, I have so enjoyed it! Thank you for your continued support, love, and prayers. Thank you for the sweet birthday gift for Mackenzie, that was so thoughtful!

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. Thank you for praying over our requests and for all the hugs, I miss seeing you and miss RFA so much. Hopefully I will one day get to return.

Love the Root's!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy--
What sweet and caring comments above! I have to say that I am always so blessed and encouraged by those that comment on your blog. I especially enjoy reading Marion's comments because she has become a dear friend of mine. As you were describing hospital and inpatient rehab stays I could so relate as all week I have been in Florida visiting my dad who is currently in inpatient rehab and he not too happy about it. Just even going there to visit each day can be exhausting so I imagine staying there would be tough. I too appreciate your prayer request list and once we are home this week I will print it off so we can be praying more specifically. My son, who is 13, mentioned you all to my mom just tonight before I saw this post. He was telling my mom about you and telling her that we pray for you. What a priviledge it is to pray to the God of the universe and know He is listening and answering. I used to know this poem I think went like this: "I know not by what methods rare, but this I know God answers prayer. I know that He has given his Word which tells me prayer is always heard and will be answered soon or late and so I pray and calmly wait. I know not if the answer sought will come in just the way I thought but leave my cares with Him alone whose will is wiser than my own, assured that He will grant my quest or send an answer far more blest."--Anonymous
Praying for you,
Emily J.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...meant "blessed"at the end of the poem above!! Lol!
Emily J

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