Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Humbled By God's Presence

The word is so refreshing. Even more so than the refreshing 4 hours of consecutive sleep Adam and I both got for the first time in a week.

I am so thankful for the time God has given me every morning in the hospital to have time with him.  Last time when we were going through all the hospital time I coveted just moments with God.  But over this last week, He has immersed me with His unfailing love every morning. Psalm 143:8-11 was once prayed over us at church on December 30, 2012.  I often go back to this passage.  In the last couple of weeks I have really seen this passage come to life.  God is bringing me word of His unfailing love every morning as I continue to put my hope and trust in God alone.  I pray that He will make us aware and obedient to his will.  Even in this difficult journey God has made His joy so very present.

As I had my quiet time this morning, it truly refreshed me to face the day.  Adam surgery was late afternoon and was a very quick surgery.  On Saturday when Adam came out of surgery he wasn't awake, he was unable to communicate, or take care of is personal needs.  It took Sunday and Monday working again on those and still he isn't where he once was but he was able to communicate, take a very few unsteady steps, and take care of his personal needs again.  I was fighting quite a bit of fear going into this surgery not knowing if he was going to come out of surgery like he did on Saturday.  I cast my fear to the Lord and prayed continuously. 

The hospital Chaplin came in and spent some time in prayer with Adam, Cookie, and I before Adam's surgery.  Adam even wanted to pray and when he did he prayed for all the workers.  Adam's surgery was quick!  When I was able to see him, he was awake, alert, talking, and asking to take care of his personal needs!  Praise the Lord!!!!!  We are back on track!  When I was helping him to the restroom, even his steps were better than yesterday and better than this morning!  I'm rejoicing in all the answered prayers!

Yesterday when the neurosurgeon came to tell me that Adam was once again going back to the operating room, he told me that he operates on people very day that are in unlucky circumstances or situations.  He went on to say that while that might have been the case for Adam in the beginning of all this, Adam is now one of the luckiest people he has come across.  He said that given Adam's medical history and all that he has pulled through, he couldn't believe Adam was still here and fighting ever so hard through it all.  I told the neurosurgeon that luck had nothing to do with it.  That Adam is where he is today and has made it through all that he has because of God's grace and nothing more.

It seems that every surgery Adam has had here we have ended up with a different anesthesiologist every time.  Today when he came to get my consent on the surgery I didn't think anything of it.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a routine signature.  Usually that is my only interactions with the anesthesiologist.  But today after he finished in surgery he came to find me.  Just to tell me how honored he felt caring for our family.  He said that after reading Adam's medical history and some conversation they had in the OR, he was incredibly touched by the love that Adam and I share.  He said that he's been doing this for years and have seen couples not make it through in far less circumstances than what we have faced.  He said that it was a humbling experience seeing our vows in action (PRAISE GOD).  He intentionally came to find me just to tell me that.  God is working here in Seattle.  His presence is being noticed!  Thank you for praying these prayers for us.  The medical staff here is seeing God at work.

Both conversation with the Neurosurgeon and with the Anesthesiologist were so humbling and encouraging.  Adam and I are getting ready to celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we prayed God would use are marriage and he really is.  I can stand and rejoice and sing in the storms of our circumstances because I can see the hand of God in it all.

Tonight we are finally out of the ICU again.  I am so thankful for the ICU and the staff, but I am glad Adam is stable enough to move out of there! We're hoping to get Adam back working with the hospital therapies tomorrow.  They will most likely have to redo all their evaluations from last week and get us back on our discharge plan.  Thank you all for your continued prayers in our journey.  They are the best gift our family has received.

This evening Adam and I enjoyed dinner with my brother and sister in law, who have faithfully been here hours on end since Saturday... I am so thankful for their company and for the hours they have spent with Adam and I.   Having them around, and Cookie here with Mackenzie has really made feel so blessed to be surrounded by family.  It's been a real comfort for sure. 

Tonight I am recounting all my blessings and thanking God for all that He has done, all that He is doing, and all that He is going to do in this journey.  Thank you Jesus lives are being touched my the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you God for supportive family and friends near and far. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, my Dear Amy, JOY unspeakable and full of Glory. Those words express my heart's feeling right now. Father is giving you glimpses of His marvelous plan. The staff who came to say how honored he was to serve you, is just one of the numerous people your lives have touched. I too, am grateful for the family who has been able to be with you. This is yet another part of Father's plan. You have received/given so much. Your family has a chance to give and receive what Father has for them in their support of you. Early mornings beginning with Father, 4 continuous hours sleep are sweet too.

I continue to trust Father for you and your sweet family. I love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am rejoicing with you in this post of yours!! What wonderful things the Lord is working through you and in you. I was just telling my daughter yesterday as she was complaining about insignificant things that we really should be rejoicing in all circumstances and I used Adam as an example for her. It gave her a better mental picture of someone going through some really tough things but rejoicing in the Lord. God spoke to me about this yesterday also as I was complaining about someone leaving gum in a parking lot for me to step on and get all over my shoes and pant leg!!! Lol! (The things we complain about...sigh) Anyway, all that you wrote about in this are so wonderful and it made me smile today knowing Adam is doing so well even with all these surgeries! Praise the Lord. God is good all the time...He is good.
Emily J

Vicky Scott said...

Fabulous testimonies, and wonderful news.
Always praying for your family.

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