Monday, August 11, 2014

Heart Strong for Jesus

We serve a very faithful God, He has been faithful to every need, comforting when I have needed reassurance, ever present with His grace, and surrounding us in His peace.

I have been making a daily effort  to practice the example that the prophet Daniel set before us. Daniel 6:10 "He (Daniel) went to his room where the windows owned toward Jerusalem.  Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God". True contentment is only found through a heart of thanksgiving, NO MATTER the circumstances.  Giving thanks for me is a way I practice keeping my eyes fixed on God and not drown in the circumstances that surround us daily.  The more I give thanks and covet that time with the Lord, the more I find myself giving thanks throughout my day without having to think about it, the less discouraged and overwhelmed I feel.

God is truly answering your prayer, so please keep them coming!  We haven't heard the conclusive results from Adam's echocardiogram yet, but I take it as "no news is always good news".  It's when you are getting called from the doctors office that you should be worried, not when they are not calling you ;) The technician who administered Adam's echocardiogram was really encouraged and pleased with how strong Adam's heart is!  PRAISE THE LORD my man has a strong heart both physically and spiritually!   
Adam's heart on the monitor... It's God strength in Adam that makes his heart so strong!

I can honestly say the peace that God has washed me these last few days is very similar to the peace I felt on the drive to the hospital the day of Adam's injury.  God is a God of peace and the God of Hope.  I have both abundantly, thank you JESUS!!!  We have found encouragement in sharing our journey with others, but especially the medical community so please continue to pray God's presence will be felt through us not just noticed in us. I thank God that others comment about how "different" we are... we are different because of God's peace and the Hope of Christ in us.  Praise God we are "different".  May our difference make a difference!


Well... if you have been a blog follower since the beginning of this journey you know that I am not shy about asking for you all to participate in Adam's journey through projects that will bring encouragement to Adam.  The last time we spent a length of time in hospitals you remember we had quite the postcard collection with written encouragement from all over the world.  This time I am asking for something a little different. 

Adam's family gave us this book with many of his family members holding a sign printed with "We Believe" I would love it if you all would do the same thing.  Take pictures of you all holding a sign or note, a message for Adam.  Follow with a word of encouragement for him... it doesn't have to be anything lengthy.  If all you want to do is just the picture that works too.  Adam could use all the encouragement we can gather for him.  So if you would please do this for us it would be incredibly awesome!  Please send them to 4017 152nd PL SE Bothell, WA 98012, they will ALL be added to his photo album so please make sure that the picture size is a 4X6.  THANK YOU!!!
This is what is in the current picture album, to give you an idea of what we are asking for!
Adam and his new haircut, getting already for surgeries on Wednesday
We talked with our pre registration nurse today and we will find out tomorrow the time that Adam's surgeries will be scheduled for on Wednesday.  (I will do my best to post once I know since many of you have asked so that you can be praying)... Thank you for your prayers... keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

My Sweet Amy, I just got back from a camping trip. I am delighted to send you a picture. Thank you for asking. I am trusting Father for the surgery and all that goes with it.

I love you, Father LOVES you MORE!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. We are praying that God will continue shining His light over you guys! We Love you!
Luis and Sarah Peña.

Anonymous said...

Praying, Amy!! We are back from our trip and will print up the prayer items and see about the photo! Thinking of all of you and going before the Lord in prayer!
Emily J.

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