Thursday, August 21, 2014

God Is A Shelter of Hope In Our Storm

The Lord is faithful to ALL his promises and loving toward ALL he has made. The Lord is near to ALL who come to him, To all who call on him in truth.  He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he HEARS their Cray and SAVES them.  The Lord watches over ALL who love him.  Psalm 146:13, 18-20

I love promises from the God.  I love the guidance from the Holy Spirit over my time in His word this morning.  No matter the circumstance or challenges we face, God is good ALL the time.  He is faithful ALL the time, and He is comforting us in His unending love.

I am so thankful for the peace God continues to pour into my soul, so thankful that even with discouraging news, it doesn't rob me of my peace or my hope.  Because it is not in what the doctors say, but only in the unfailing love of my Savior.  With this I write with tears, because it's the precious truth.

We had a very rough night last night and early this morning with another medical setback.  A pocket of air has developed in Adam's brain. It has put pressure on his brain that has caused Adam's right arm and leg to barely move.  It has caused some other issues as well.  Adam's team of doctors put him on oxygen and put him on a flat bed order, meaning he can only lay flat in bed, other than meals and using the restroom.  They are hoping that the oxygen and laying flat will help the air pocket to dissolve.  They also adjusted Adam's shunt again.  The shunt will help to increase the ventricles making the brain a little larger in hopes to decrease the pocket of air on Adam's brain.  His shunt has been adjusted multiple times since we have been here.  The doctors are really trying to stabilize Adam's brain.

Adam will have another follow up CT scan tomorrow to see if the shunt, oxygen, and laying flat are all doing the trick to dissolve the air.  Adam's neurosurgeon has finally admitted that nothing about Adam is text book.  Nothing.  I knew this from the beginning... there is nothing text book about our God either.  He tends to work in miraculous ways, weaving his plans perfectly in and through our lives.  He is Adam's physician and He is at work in a mighty way.  Not just in Adam's brain but in the hearts of the doctors as they stand by amazed by there being no medical explanation as to why and how Adam is still here... He is still here because GOD is at work in my man!  God is our hope, our refuge, our strength, our healer, our statistic annihilator.  Praise the Lord that He has Adam in the safety of His arms, covered by His grace, and comforted with His love.

The doctors are baffled and I can't help but to rejoice knowing that God is not lost in how to handle Adam.  Thank you Jesus that you are our hope.

Continue to pray for Adam's FULL restoration. 


Anonymous said...

"Sweet Jesus, I am sure glad You know what's going on with Adam. I don't understand. You do. You know who will be touched, and what will be accomplished. I am glad You are above all this and that You are already in the answer just waiting for us to get there. I love You and am glad You are God. Amen"

Amy, You are a treasure. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.


Anonymous said...

Praying, Amy.
Emily J

Adam & Amy Root said...

Thank you both! You have been making prayer warriors for our journey and I give God thanks for you both!

Emily, I received your card with the picture of your family! Thank you so much! What a beautiful family! Thank you!

Temarie said...

Amen to the promises and truth that you shared! Praying continually for you and Adam to feel His presence and strength. Such a unique opportunity for Adam's Dr's and nurses and other hospital staff to see God working in Adam and through you. I have a friend who is a Dr. and she spends most of her days at the hospital. I'm sure many of Adam's Dr's are the same way and you sharing God's promises and truth to them may be the only chance they get to see and hear that. We love you and are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amy. I am happy you received the picture for Adam's book.

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