Monday, August 25, 2014

Gaining Real Ground

We're gaining ground!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!  With God, Adam continues to defy the odds and is just amazing!  Sometimes what man sees as going backwards and loosing ground, God uses to do amazing things to increase our faith and dependence on Him.  He uses what might seem like steps in the wrong direction to show His unfailing love to others who might not otherwise be able to or have opportunity to see Him at work.  Because we know that when God is in control, when we truly trust Him in every way and every moment, there is no such thing as steps backwards.  The bible says "I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.  When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run you will not stumble." Proverbs 4:11-12 "he has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. These clearly state that God knows and is in control. 

Over the last 4 and half years of walking this journey I know God has grown me.  He is increasing my faith, increasing my desire for Him, and showing me how trusting Him completely and depending on Him fully is a way of life, a choice.  Not just when we need Him to show up, but a lifestyle to live by moment by moment.  What does your lifestyle look like, is trusting God and His plans your priority or only if they fit into your plans?  These are questions that I have had to ask myself and I challenge you to do the same.  Would you trust God completely and wholly, knowing He is good and being able to rejoice and praise Him if you were facing a very difficult journey?  If you are on a journey, are you praising Him or angry with Him?  Heart checks are always good.  These 2 weeks being in the hospital I have asked God to search my heart and to do a heart check up.  Believe me, He is. Allowing God to grow us in difficult circumstances and through challenging journeys is truly how we gain ground, eternal ground. 

My man is getting a little antsy, but overall he is doing amazing!  Making steps everyday to persevere through each and every detail and unplanned circumstance that has come up over the last couple of weeks. The neurosurgeons said that the air on Adam's brain has decreased a little.  Which means laying flat and being on oxygen is working.  He also said that it will take 2-3 months before it will be resolved.  Still this is better than another surgery!!!  Adam can be up to participate in therapy, eat meals, and visit a little and the rest of the time has to be in bed flat on oxygen.  Laying flat is not his favorite thing to do, but for now it is saving us another surgery so I will do whatever I can to encourage Adam to make it through the next couple of months.  We will have another CT scan in 4 weeks to see the progress of the air pocket and to make sure that it is continuing to decrease in size.

If you can think of fun activities or games we can do while laying completely flat, please share your ideas with us!

We are currently waiting to hear if we can be discharged from this hospital and be admitted into Harborview Medical Center for the brain injury rehab unit.  I am crossing my fingers we can move forward.  We were only suppose to be here for 3-4 days and it's been 2 weeks and 3 surgeries later.  I am ready to close this chapter and start the next.  We are taking baby steps and making progress!  Praise the Lord!

Adam and I were blessed to be surrounded by family all weekend.  Every day his room was full and laughter was shared.  Even Mackenzie made a surprise visit!!!! 

I am thanking God for these two, for their fellowship, conversation, meals, and laundry.  The hours that my brother and sister in law have spent with Adam and I while we have been in the hospital have been such a blessing and I have treasure what we have shared.  Love you both and thank you!

My KIDDO!!!  Love her!!!

I believe at one point there were 12 of us in Adam's room.  We had a pizza party surrounded by family!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! AMEN! and AMEN! What a sweet place to be, trusting Father. He loves it when we realize He is in control, that He has our best interests in His plans for us. You have given Him great JOY in realizing it and saying so.

It's taken me awhile, but, now I too, can say I trust Father enough to take care of my situation. There is a peace that passes all understanding with that one. :)

What a sweet picture of you and Mackenzie. You look so happy, a little teary, BUT SO happy. Having our children close and able to love on them is a good gift from a GOOD GOD.

Saying Adam was getting a little antsy made me smile. My guy was "a little antsy" the other day. It must be a man thing.

I love you and am trusting Father for your sweet family.


Anonymous said...

We were getting ready to have our family prayer time and I decided to check with your blog and see about an update and sure enough this was it! We are praising God with you and continue to pray for the needs. God continues to work and mold each circumstance. Your words are helping me trust the Lord during some very tough decisions my family is going through in regards to my dad's long term care. If you would as you pray please pray for my mom for wisdom in this very difficult time. Thank you. We continue in prayer for your sweet family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am learning from you.
In Christ,
Emily J

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