Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating Our Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary Adam!  I love you in ways words cannot explain and my heart may never fully comprehend!
Today Adam and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  We're not like most couples, we won't be celebrating by going to dinner or taking a vacation, instead we'll be celebrating that we are still able to say "I love you" to each other.  We'll be celebrating our love for each other and God's grace allowing us time in each other's arms.  We'll celebrate once again bedside in the hospital but at least we're together.  For that my heart is so grateful and for that tears well in my eyes as I do not take a moment with Adam for granted. 

As we have spent so much time this year back in a hospital and especially the last couple of weeks, I often find myself reflecting on our marriage.  Lately I have been reflecting on our journey as husband and wife, the blessings and the sorrows, the times grief and the times of celebrations.  God has gifted us and blessed us with a love so strong, a love that I am convinced most do not experience in a lifetime.  Our love has been tested and tried, almost taken from us more than once... yet it is not us holding our love together but the strength of God's grip on our marriage.  Nothing we have done in our own strength and power allows us to be where we are today.  It is truly by the hands of God and His grace alone that I am able to hug, kiss, and tell my man I love him.

Adam and I made a very conscience choice to place our marriage in God's hands from the beginning.  Even before we were engaged, we placed our relationship in God's hands, it was His to do as He wills. I don't allow myself (okay at try really hard to not allow myself) to feel sorry for us or even be mad or upset with where our journey has brought us.  Because over and over again before Adam's injury we had placed our plans, our marriage, our ideals, our dreams into God's hands and told Him to do as He wills.  We asked to be used as a vessel for His glory.  While no one could have seen this path as the means to accomplish His works, it is what He has chosen for us.  Because of this, we can see so many blessings, we experience so much joy even in the midst of the hardships.  We can see God using us and our journey to impact our friends, family, medical community, and many people we have not even met.  His path is difficult but worth the journey when He is leading.  I pray that we may not go to the right or left without first hearing His voice of guidance.  Continuing daily to make the conscience decision to trust Him, to follow Him, and to submit to His ways... they are so much higher!

I may have shared this already but, I can remember praying for very specific characteristics, asking God over and over for Him to work on and in my heart.  He is answering these requests.  It is taking this road, this journey, these struggles and challenges but God is refining me and purifying us along the way.  Adam's injury has made me a better person.  Being Adam's wife and sharing life with him is teaching me patience, kindness, gentleness, acceptance, unconditional love, unconditional respect, self control, thankfulness, contentment, selflessness, love as a verb, trust, team work, and so much more.  Much of the list above is being learned from walking the path set before us.  I can choose to sink under the weight of all these circumstances or I can choose to continue to walk with Him, trusting Him that He is working this all for good and His glory.    I choose to continue to walk with Him, submitting to His will for our marriage, our life, and all that He has planned for us.  Good, bad, sorrow, joy, blessings, and difficulties.  I choose God.

Today as we celebrate our anniversary, we also celebrate making it into rehab!!!!  Adam was admitted into the traumatic rehabilitation unit at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA.  I will post an address tomorrow, Adam could use some mail, encouragement and anything to decorate his walls with that would encourage him or brighten his days.  We haven't met any of the therapists or much of the team, we spent most of the day just in the admitting process.  Tomorrow begins a new chapter of this journey.  I have more I want to share and more I want to type, but Adam has an early morning and it's hard typing in complete darkness.  So for now I will share a couple pictures and continue tomorrow.


Anniversary celebration!  Thanks family!

Adam's room needs some love...

Starting rehab with a busy schedule tomorrow.  Pray for endurance and strength.



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Amy and Adam! Such a sweet, sweet couple. May the Lord continue to bless you with many more years to share the love you have with each other and with all those around you. You are both an inspiration and a blesssing.
In Christ,
Emily J

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Amy, The reading of your blog entry was perfect. I had just had an opportunity to trust Father and see His miracle working power in my own life. Your words put into thought my very feelings. Thank you. Yes, it may not be what I would have chosen, BUT Father has this before me, THEREFORE, it is good.

I love you and am trusting Father for you and your sweet family.


Oh, My Dave's and my anniversary is the 26th also. We celebrated 36 years this year. :)

Jan Lewis said...

Happy Anniversary sweet Amy and Adam !! Praying the Lord will give you many more years to love and serve Him together! Your love has stood tests and storms and grown stronger because you continue to send your roots down deep into the soil of HIS great love. Your love story is one of my favorites to share. I especially love to share it with young engaged couples that we mentor. Celebrating with you the move to Rehab !! Praying for peace that passes understanding and endurance for the rehab ahead.
Love, Jan

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