Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holy Moly... Kerri Pomarolli

Adam, Mackenzie, and I have had one amazing week (last week)!  Where to begin...

God is doing some amazing things with our journey... including growing me beyond my comfort level.  I was recently asked to speak at a conference for health care professionals, I was so humbled and honored that I would be asked to share our story, our journey, our lives with those who work in the field of helping so many other families just like ours.  What a blessing it truly was, I have been asked to speak at a couple more conferences over the next few months and would love prayer for these, praying that God would be glorified, it is His journey.  Speaking in front of large crowds is quite a stretch for my comfort.

While Adam was hospitalized in Boston, Mackenzie and I would climb into his bed with him and watch videos on youtube that would make us all laugh.  We started with America's Funniest Videos and we soon discovered awesome christian comedians.  One that we would watch regularly was Kerri Pomarolli (  Her witty sense of humor always gets us rolling.  I found out in September that she was coming to our church and I instantly began figuring out how Mackenzie and I could make a date night to go see her.  I was counting down and so excited.

About a week ago, I was asked if I would like to pick her up and take her back to the airport, I jumped at the opportunity and could barely sleep I was so excited.  It was so amazing how God brought us together, 2 journeys, 2 difficult roads, both of us approaching the Throne of Grace with confidence, expecting to see God in the midst of it all, ONE AMAZING GOD!  I find that others going through their own journeys, believing and trusting God for His faithfulness and miracles, it creates an instant bond.  I feel so honored to come in agreeance praying for her daughter Ruby's FULL restoration and waiting in expectancy to see God through it all.  Mackenzie and Adam were both able to meet her as well, it was such an incredible honor and an unforgettable memory made!
Adam and I with Kerri
MORE UPDATES AHEAD, even one that is YUMmy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear One, I don't know Kerri, so I don't about the honor of meeting here. I do know Adam, Amy, and Mackenzie, and I KNOW the honor she had of meeting you. I love you, Marion