Monday, November 12, 2012

A Summer Time Adventure

I have received many questions about Adam's progress over the last couple of months.  So I just wanted to give an "Adam Update".  Consider this Part 1 of his update...

Adam was discharged from all rehab therapy in the end of April and was moved home 100% of the time!  I was really nervous about this transition, but honestly can't believe how smoothly it has gone!  We spent most of May running around for check ups and doctor visits and preparing for our cross country adventure.  The for the next 2 months we were with our families on the west coast... so there wasn't a chance to get used to our new normal until we returned to North Carolina.

Our time on the west coast was amazing. Just the miracle in and of itself that we were travelling and spending time with family and friends was a glimpse to me that Adam's recovery has only just begun.  The blessing of the journey was meeting so many of you who have been praying for Adam and our family.  This was such a gift to me.

Before I go into Adam's progress and update, I wanted to share some photos of our summer time adventure...

Meeting Dottie was one of my favorite memories of our trip.  Dottie is my best friend Debbie's mom, she lives in Louisville, KY and opened her home to us in our travels.  We had a ball staying with her and sight seeing around Kentucky.  Dottie faithfully sends encouraging cards and messages to Adam, it was so special for them to meet!
Next was Colorado where we stayed with Brett Adam's cousin.  The last time Brett saw Adam, Adam was in the ICU in North Carolina, so this was an incredible change.  Christie is also Adam's cousin and it was so good to see them and their families.

Yes, Adam even jumped on the trampoline at Brett's house, I think my adventurous husband is back :)
We also had the incredible blessing of staying with Cale and Kathleen for a night on our trip.  This was the first time we had seen each other since both our men were hospitalized together in North Carolina. 

Adam and Cale playing video games!
Because we were going to be gone for so long, I didn't want Adam to fall out of routine of therapies or activities, so we had a VERY busy time.  Adam and I joined a swimming class 2 times a week, took classes and created as many opportunities for Adam to participate in "therapeutic exercises" as possible... here are few...
Adam and his brother Tristan making kabobs to grill.

Adam crafting a model space ship

Adam mowing Tristan's yard

My sister Renae and Adam baking dessert together, one of Adam's favorite things to do.

Adam and Bob crafting a World War II fighter plane
Visiting with family and friends was by far the best and most relaxing part of our trip, we cherished the memories we created and the time we had.
Adam's mom Cookie came up to Seattle to spend the day with us
Adam's brother Tristan gave us a tour of where he works, the statue should be a clue.
Like I mentioned before, meeting our prayer warriors was such a gift, this is Sheri... one of our encourager's and prayer warriors.

My sister Renae and I spent HOURS on my mom's deck.  And once you see the view in some pictures below, you will see why.  Adam took this picture of us!

Adam holding our really good friends Tim & Carlee's newest edition, meet Jude.  Such a sweet baby!
Views from my mom's deck...

There truly isn't anything like a west coast sunset, that is one thing I miss the most about living in the east.
And to think I'm not even sure I am half way through yet...  Onto our Oregon visit, visiting Adam's family.  Adam's family has a horse farm and they bread and train race horses... one day we went to the track with his mom and dad to watch the training.
Meet Kenzie Carolina named after Mackenzie.

Mackenzie and Kenzie

Adam watching the training

Adam and I hanging out in the barn, doesn't my man look amazing!
Adam enjoying dinner on the patio with his mom and grandma

Adam's dog Vince LOVING the farm life

Adam and his dad

Mackenzie out on the paddle boat

The view from the kitchen window... what's not to love, flowers and horses

LOTS of chickens on their farm, they were so much fun to watch
Adam and his uncle Doug (another prayer warrior)

Adam on the right and Mackenzie on the left

Our nephew Hunter, yes, he golfed in a cape... it was so adorable

The sunset as we golfed or for me as I tired to golf
Adam and I enjoying the St. Paul Rodeo, I was really nervous about the crowd and the direct sun we were sitting in, I was worried about how Adam was going to respond... I never thought about how it would effect me as I watched a young cowboy bucked off a bull and watched as the bull trampled his head... I still have not recovered.  Not sure many of you know this, but I witnessed Adam's accident, I watched the whole thing unfold before my eyes and I often have sleepless nights and horrific flash backs from this, it doesn't take much to trigger it.
Adam and I spent a lot of time travelling back to familiar territory, we went on a tour of Adam's life and I took a ton of pictures, I am currently making it into a memory book for Adam. 

While travelling to the place we got married we stopped at this roadside seafood restaurant where we met these two ladies and joined them for lunch... it was amazing how God brought us together for lunch to encourage them.  One of the ladies was going through something very difficult and tragic and it was amazing how God used our journey of faith to bring encouragement into their journey. 

Up on that hill is where Adam and I exchanged our marriage vows

Adam I love you so much and knowing what I know now, I would say "I do" all over again in a heartbeat.

Adam and his dad answering a vet call

Adam assisting his dad in the call
Adam with 2 of his 3 brothers, mom, dad, and sister in law

Ben, Jack, Adam, & Brad

Mackenzie helping Granny pick out her baby chicks
Adam and his mom, Adam looks amazing!

On the ferry boat, one of our favorite past times
Mackenzie and I at my brother's wedding

My brother and his new wife Amy... this could get confusing

In Montana on our way home, we were hungry in what seemed like the middle of no where, we had to travel nearly 6 miles off the beaten path to find a restaurant... little did I know God had this in mind the whole time... meet cowboy Jim.  While Jim was saying "howdie" to Adam, Adam mearly yelled at the man and walked away... I walked Adam to our table, but returned to the Jim and apologized explaining to the man that my husband was recovering from a brain injury.  He then went on to tell me his journey through brain injury, 25 years post injury from a rodeo accident.  He gave God the glory for his recovery.  It was pretty incredible.  He came over and encouraged Adam and Adam began to light up as he shared his story.  He was a gift God sent to us.  Thank you God for our 12 mile detour so that we could meet Jim.

 Adam and I have a special moment during one of our hikes. We would stop and take hikes at national parks to stretch our legs. Mackenzie did a beautiful job capturing this sweet moment.
Adam and I enjoying ice coffee while making the trek home

If you could, you know you would... we toured the Jelly Belly factory on our way home... and oh how SWEET it was.
How blessed we are and how much we truly have to be thankful for... this was one incredible summer and not one moment was taken for granted.  These pictures refelct what a MIGHTY GOD we serve, they reflect His goodness, and His faithfulness.  God is so good and He continues to direct our steps.  His word is our guide... Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
More on Adam's update, recovery, and progress to come.  Rejoicing in God's love today and thankful for all that He has done, all that He is doing, and all that is still to come!


Anonymous said...

oh amy. tears rolling down my face. tears of joy and love for you guys, seeing adam so healthy and happy breaks my heart in a good way. i love you all so much. imagine you could have 'seen' your 2012 summer adventures two years ago... hug adam for me and tell him i'm so very proud of him.

Anonymous said...

Loving all the photos!! Thank you so much. You all look fabulous! Praise God for His answers! Loved seeing the photos of you all with the Darlings...another special couple!
Love in Christ,
Emily Jordan
Sanford, NC

Anonymous said...

Oh, my precious friend, What a wonderful testimony to our Father's greatness. Looking at most of those pictures, if you didn't know Adam had a brain injury, you wouldn't knwo it. Praise Father, and PRAISE Him again, for meeting Jim. God is sooo GOOD. I love you and truly enjoy reading your updates. I continue to trust Father for you and your sweet family, Marion

Sheri Halberg said...

Dearest Amy ~

It is SO good to read your posts again ... I was getting a little worried :( Thank you for all the gorgeous pics. It also brought joy to my heart meeting you, Adam and sweet Mackenzie this summer!! You all look so beautiful here in these photos ~ and Adam looks strong, healthy and amazing!! Glory to God! Prayers are continuing up for all of you ~

Love you, my sister ~
Sheri (Snohomish, WA.)

Anonymous said...

Going back over your blog, I must say YOU are RIGHT!!! If I could I would have gone through the Jelly Belly factory. My favorite is the popcorn flavored one. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Praising God for your beautiful family. We (speaking for your many friends) would say WE are the blessed ones by a friendship with your dear family. I see these pictures of Adam and also just weep at the healing God has already brought. WOW!! And I believe 2013 will be an unforgettable year of miracles for your family. We continue to pray for GOd's grace, joy and peace and healing to OVERFLOW in and through each you. We love you so much.
Jan and Wayne