Monday, July 9, 2012

Truly An Honor

Sorry for the delay in getting a posting on here... I can honestly say, I have been on vacation for the first time in 2 years!  It has been amazing!  The blog has suffered from my vacation mode, but I do feel rejuvenated!

Where to begin... well, we are still on the west coast and at the moment enjoying the fact that we have managed to escape the east coast heat wave.

Adam, Mackenzie, and I have the amazing honor and privilege to meet so many of you who faithfully pray for our family!  From east coast to west coast and so many places in between, truly it's been an honor to meet God's people who have been called into our journey.

For those who didn't know of our plan, we wanted to spend the summer with our families and decided to drive!  It has been one of the greatest gifts God has provided for our family.  The blessing it has been to make cherished memories as a family, sight seeing, visiting family and friends, and just getting time together... is at times almost more that my heart can take.  I am so overwhelmed with joy and excitement.  I know many of you can understand what I am about to say, but none of you will truly be able to know to the depths what it truly feels like to be where we are both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally... not that many months ago I wasn't sure we would ever be given the opportunity to make family memories again outside of a hospital or facility, and many of Adam's doctors when we first began this journey told me it most likely would never be possible... THANK YOU JESUS for where we are today!  THANK YOU JESUS for healing!  THANK YOU JESUS for EVERY DAY miracles!  Tears are welled up in my eyes as I share these sediments with you all.  Joy... so much joy. 

We have been invited to worship with friends and family at different churches since we have been out here and the real treat is the blessing of so many of you laying hands on us and praying for us.  It has been amazing to hear through the prayers the message that God has for us... One particular prayer that has been prayed over us and spoken to us in multiple churches, and through multiple people... is that God has only just begun His work in Adam!  Adam's restoration has only just begun!  God is doing a work in Adam, I am honored that I truly can see it, hear it, and touch it every day!    Adam's prayers reflect God's work in him.  My man loves the Lord God with all his mind, body, and soul and his prayers are evidence of his heart.  God is truly amazing and I am thanking Him for His provisions daily, His strength and wisdom that carry through each moment of each day and for His miracles He preforms in Adam daily! Job 9:4 His wisdom is profound, his power is vast, Job 9:10 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 9:19 If it is a matter of strength, he is mighty!

God is so faithful, He is so good, and He is so worthy of ALL the glory!

Adam and I have been truly enjoying our time with our families.  We have continued with therapy while being out here... not rehab therapy, but there has been some awesome community classes that we have been able to participate in.  Adam and I have been swimming 3 days a week and have truly loved each and every moment.... okay, well, I have loved each and every moment... sometimes I have to convince Adam that he loves it.  This trip has truly served its purpose, we have both rested well and have had plenty of relaxation.  I know I said this last posting but when I do have some more time, I will upload pictures from our trip.  I just am so excited to share with you all how awesome and amazing God is.

While being down here in Oregon, we have taking several little side trips to take pictures and build Adam a book of his life so that he can see where he has been.  Saturday, Adam, Mackenzie, Cookie (Adam's mom), and myself loaded into the car and drove to Corvallis home of Oregon State University... GO BEAVERS!  We parked and we were walking campus, we asked Adam to show us around, he walked as if he were on a mission straight to the computer lab... he knew where he was going!  (For those that don't know Adam, he was a computer science major and probably spent quite a bit of time in that lab!)  We have also traveled to a few other places to take pictures and add to his book... it's been so much fun to see some of his reactions.  This afternoon, Adam, Cookie, and I went to Adam's favorite lunch spot House of Teriyaki... we walked in and the lady who normally served Adam was there and quick to give him a hug, as I explained Adam's story tears ran down her face.  She couldn't believe all that he had been through and yet... he remembered her! 

So many awesome and amazing things have happened it truly is overwhelming.  We attended church with Adam's uncle Doug who is the author of Last time we were able to visit with him Adam was still in the hospital in Boston.  It was really special to attend church with him, to worship with him and to rejoice with him all that God has done for us!  We have also been creating so many wonderful memories with his brothers and family... last night we went to a driving range and hit quite a few buckets of balls... Adam was amazing to watch, hitting ball, after ball... after ball and making it look so effortlessly that I decided to try.  After quite a bit of help I finally found my swing and was successful at hitting several balls, but nothing compared to Adam.  He never ceases to amaze me.  My favorite moments have been watching him initiate conversation as we just hang out on the porch of his parents amazing farm.  It's so fun to watch him with our nieces and nephews, with his brothers, and his parents... what a gift it is to be creating new memories.  God has only just begun a work in Adam!

I find myself sitting out here like I am now, tyring so hard to soak this all in, not taking one second for granted and giving thanks for it all.  Here I have to amazing surroundings of a gorgous farm and at my mom's the 180 degree view of the Olympic mountains and the Puget Sound... no matter where I sit... I am surrounded by God's creativity, but his majestic beatuy, and experiencing His miraculous hands... I can't help but to offer all that I am and all that I have to worship such a loving, creative, miraculous God!  Jesus I love you!


Anonymous said...

Dear One, I am so glad to read your blog. I check everyday to see if you have written. I REJOICE with you in what Father has done in Adam's life...and yours and Mackenzie's. Yes, Adam will be healed. It is a JOY to be a part of the ourney to that healing. If you are in the Seattle area after the 25th of this month I would be blessed to meet you, even for just a few moments. I love you, Marion

Mary Strynar said...

The Lord will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me. Ps 138:8 (NLT) As I read your post I see how Jesus has answered so many of the Strynars' prayers this summer. Post pix today!!!! We love you all so much.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't aware that you were driving across country until you were already gone. I am so thankful that you are getting a much needed vacation. My dad was very excited to have you join him for church, and I got to hear an update that very afternoon. I know that you have many people to see everywhere and may have other plans, but when you head back this direction, we would love to see you in Wichita if you need a place to stop. You are welcome to stay as long as you would like, a couple hours or a couple days. Please contact me if you would like.


Anonymous said...

Amy ~

It filled my heart with joy recently to be able to see you, Adam and Mackenzie in person! You all looked so great ... especially Adam. He looks wonderful!! You are such a precious family. I am honored to share in your journey, even in a very small way. Know you are always in my heart and prayers. And I love the prophesy you got about Adam; how awesome is that?! God is so amazing ...
I love you guys ~ I hope I can see you again very soon.

Your sister in Christ ~ Sheri

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I wasn't home to see you I'm glad you were able to attend SPC with Doug!

I love you all,

Aunt Gretchen

Anonymous said...

REJOICING with you all in this wonderful update !! Jesus has and continues to do a mighty work in you all for His glory! You shine like stars for Him ! I know that view you've got of Puget Sound and the mountains. WHat a place to vacation!!
We love you, we miss you, we pray for you all daily, we can't wait to see pictures! Jan, Wayne, Hope, Maia,

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear how your trip has been going! I have continued to pray for all of you!
Blessings and prayers,
Emily Jordan