Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To One Amazing Young Lady!

Yes, it's true, my baby is 12!  Happy Birthday Mackenzie!  I am truly amazed and blessed by the young lady God is making you into!  I watch you everyday as God shapes you and renews you to be more like Him.  I am often touched as I watch you, you have an amazing servant's heart, and you are one of the most selfless givers I have ever met! I love you kiddo!  Keep your eyes looking up!

Our time out west is quickly approaching its end... we are within hours of our departure and again have been blessed to have had so much wonderful time and the memories we have created are truly a gift from above.  God is restoring our lives.  We leave Saturday early morning and again we are driving from Seattle to North Carolina so please keep our travels in your prayers.

We have more major event to take place before we leave town... my baby brother's wedding.  If you know me or have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about marriage and about covenant vows and relationships in general.  I love people watching and especially relationship watching.  I am entertained by the way people communicate both verbal and nonverbal.  For example, recently we were at a restaurant with some family and I glanced over and there was this couple sitting at a table in the bar and the lady was texting almost the entire time while the man was eye balling the sports on the tv... I thought to myself, if they only knew how precious time is, maybe, just maybe they would lay down the distractions of the world and enjoy each other... then it hit me... how many times am I guilty of not laying down the distractions of this world to enjoy my loved ones.

How many times am I checking email, texting, writing down notes, or even trying to hear something on the radio and I silence the world around me.  What did I miss when Mackenzie has had something to say and I hush her?  Often I think about a date night Adam and I had several years back... I was upset that Adam was so busy with work and other projects outside of work that we had hardly had time together (and remember quality time is my love language)... I can remember this particular night, just the 2 of us were out and I didn't have one conversation with him.  I waited for him to engage me and when he didn't I just got even more upset.

Looking back I can see how precious even those few hours were.  How stupid I was for being angry about something that was a blessing.  How silly to have not looked at the blessing of the moment Adam did carve out time for me.  I am thankful to say that prior to his injury my attitude and mind set had changed quite a bit... but I do still often think of that night and I am so thankful to have learned and still learning how precious our moments are and to stay in the moment we have been given.  I am still learning how to lay down my distractions and be in the moment, but I am thankful for the perspective I have.

My time with Adam is so much more rich and beautiful than it ever was... because with Adam, I have to concentrate on everything that he is trying to say or communicate that I really do have to cut out all distractions and focus on what he is saying or trying to say... by doing this I have seen more of my man's heart and I have been blessed, honored, and cherished by him in ways that I could have so easily missed. 

The same is true for my relationship with my Heavenly Father... if I am not intentional about laying down my distractions and recognize the Divine moments I am given and taking every opportunity to spend time with Him, what would I miss, what have I missed?  I know when I do take the moments, when I do lay down my distractions, focus, and concentrate on Him, when I am intentional about meeting Him and hearing what He has to say through His Holy Word... WOW am I blessed and boy do I feel cherished and loved.  How could you I not, Jesus loves me this I know, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!  

1 John 3:1 How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!

I will try to blog on the road, but we will just have to see what time will allow... as for pictures and a trip recap, stay tuned... it will be coming!  (I have over 1400 pictures to sort through that I have taken so far)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!! May God continue to bless you and grant you all of your hearts desires. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I will always love you very much!! XOXO

Jenn in Jupiter, Florida :)

Anonymous said...

Dear One, That picture of Adam and Mackenzie LOOKS pre-accident. I am so thrilled or you, all the memories Father has given you. THANK YOU for the reminder to live in the momment, to realize just what we have. I love the way Father usees you to share His truths. I love you and continue to trust Father for eaach of you. Marion

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday", sweet girl! At 12, you are really a young lady now. It was a joy for me to meet you, your mom and dad in person a few weeks ago. May God guide your precious life and your choices ... I know you will be, and are, an amazing light for Him!

With love,
Sheri :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for safe travels! Happy birthday Mackenzie!

Amy J

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet Mackenzie! We will be praying for a safe and blessed trip home. We hope to see you all soon when you get back. All our love
The Barr's

Bev LaPiana said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie! I hope you had a blessed day. Your mom is right, you are an amazing young lady.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie...a little late! Wow...Amy, you and I are so much alike! As you described how you feel about marriage, how you notice couples texting and not talking, how your love language is quality time, how you wonder how much you have missed with your child when you thought you needed to be busy on the computer, emailing or whatever, and your example of being upset with Adam years ago is so CLASSIC me! I have had very similar experiences with my husband but you are right...time is precious and we should cherish each moment! Blessings to you, kindred spirit!! :o)
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing Ok...just miss hearing from you! We are praying for you!
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

Trusting ALL is well. Marion

Anonymous said...

It's been three months. Those of you who aren't your FB friends would love an update. Hope all is going OK on your end!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who aren't your FB friends would love an update, it has been 3 months. Hope things are going OK on your end!