Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long & Over Due Update... BUT FIRST, PRAY

BEFORE YOU READ THE UPDATE BELOW... we have very important prayer requests.  Adam has some very important doctors appointments this week.  Perhaps the most important is tomorrow morning.  Adam is being evaluated by the Neuropsychologist to determine Adam's cognitive capability.  This is extremely important because it will determine if Adam is aware enough to sign over power of attorney to me so that we can get rid of my legal guardianship.  Previous posts explains the difficulty we have had not having power of attorney.  Adam's neurologist, Dr. Shin, is very concerned with Adam's memory.  She has ordered a specialized 48 hour EEG and a memory focused MRI all scheduled for this week.  This will be the first MRI Adam has had since the day of his injury... I am praying for DRAMATIC changes, and I am praying that his short term memory will show that it is intact.  Please pray for my man, he needs prayers this week in a HUGE way.

Goodness, gracious... it's been one crazy month here.  WARNING, Long Post!  I haven't written because I have been trying to process all that has been going on and taking place.  Also, for those of you who have stuck this out with us know that from the beginning my time with my Savior is always more important than this blog, so with my limited free time I have devoured the Word.  I have had so many God inspired thoughts and things I want to share, but I just haven't had the motivation to sit and blog, so for that I am sorry.

Let me start with a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who supported and walked with us, joining the Root For Adam team!!! It was a huge success!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Despite the rain we still had a great time!!! We are still planning on trying to get together a fundraiser but we are going to have to push it out till the fall. Just not enough time in the day to get everything done. We are specifically going to be raising money for Adam to get a Service Dog. For the needs Adam has, the therapy dogs start at $22,000.00 but for Adam's needs we are looking at $28,000.00... so please be praying for this to come together. The dog will be trained to help Adam with his balance and compensate for Adam's vision deficits, it will also be trained in seizures, and aphasia commands... not to mention, Adam needs a dog, he has always had a dog and I know he could use the companionship of a dog. Please pray with us for this to happen!
Adam and Mackenzie ready for the walk!
Some of Adam's ICU nurses from UNC joined the ROOT for Adam Team!  Thanks Renee for heading this up and coming 2 hours just to walk with us!!!
My friend Christina and her daughter Chloe
John, Debbie, Jack, and Diana with Adam... Thanks for being there from the beginning and for every minute of this journey!

Some of the Root for Adam team walking!

Enjoying lunch after the walk

Shawn, he words for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina and has been a huge support of our family and providing us with the resources to journey through each day.

Sometimes with Adam's agitation, there is just no talking him out of what he has set in his mind.  After the walk, Adam was convinced he was going to drive us home, I have learned to wait these times out than to push... needless to say, we were in the parking lot for 4 hours before we were able to get Adam out of the drivers seat and begin the trek home.

We are celebrating once again in the Root house... ADAM IS HOME FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was very last minute and we didn't have a lot of time to prepare ourselves, but when God is in control, you just go.  Together with Adam's doctors, therapists, and insurance case manager we decided bringing Adam home and starting a new level of therapies is best for Adam.  As of Friday, Adam was discharged from Learning Services, we are so thankful for the staff there and all they have done for Adam's recovery.  What an amazing place and we feel so blessed that Adam was able to receive top notch care from there!  But as a journey goes, it's time to move on, it's time for the next steps to begin.

We are working diligently to get outpatient therapies set up for the month of May.  Adam will get to continue receiving therapy which is awesome!!!  We are excited to see who God will be choosing next to be apart of this journey with us and to be apart of our team... I mean this as in what therapists God will choose, but also those in our community to help us with keeping Adam's rehabilitation going.

Over the last couple of weeks, trying to get it possible to bring Adam home, missing and grieving the life we once shared, and trying to pick up the pieces of my life and move... I have bared my soul to the Lord, more like... complained of my circumstances.  I am embarrassed to admit that, but it's true.  As I continue to boldly approach the throne of grace begging and believing in Adam's FULL restoration, Jesus reminded me that I was no different than the Israelites who eventually complained that God was faithful in providing their daily needs by supplying Manna.  He reminded me that for nearly a year prior to Adam's injury Adam and I, during our devotional time, prayed, wholly surrendering ourselves to Him... Adam's injury and what we both face on a daily basis, is part of His plan... I don't know how or why... but I do know that is what His Living Word tells me and I believe with all my heart that the Bible is true and alive today.  I will continue to trust and pray for the faith needed for each and every day of this journey.  Tonight Adam prayed this evening... "Thank you Lord for charging us to remain faithful"... so, I will do just that... trust, believe, and remain hopeful, because my hope is not a feeling... it is Jesus Christ himself!

So what have the Root's been up to, more like where in North Carolina are the Root's...

Adam has not shown too much interest in the computer, but over the last couple of weeks we have seen him initiate activities on the computer!  GO ADAM!!!
We turned our patio into table tennis, Adam is practicing and may actually participate in the special Olympics next month!

Spring break, Mackenzie and I jumped in the car one day and took a day trip, we visited New Bern, NC which is the birthplace of Pepsi!  We had to stop in for a soda!
Knowing how much Adam used to enjoy Mountain Dew we dedicated this photo to him since he was in therapy all day and wasn't able to join us.

The original Pepsi recipe

Mackenzie and I enjoying a Pepsi

After visiting Pepsi, we drove another 30 minutes to the ocean just to fly a kite!

For Easter, Mackenzie and Connie made this cake, Mackenzie did all the decorating!  Isn't it amazing?!!!  It tasted fantastic!

Tradition, dying Easter eggs, I was a little disturbed this year... I was at a Harris Teeter and they had cartons of eggs already dyed... really, where is the fun in that?

Connie and I celebrating her birthday!

This last Friday Adam was discharged from Learning Services, I know he will miss his buddies, and especially a good basketball game.  The guys play basketball just about every night.  Again I just want to thank the staff who really took care of Adam's day to day needs.
This is Paris, Paris and Adam shared a lot of good laughs and great memories together

If you ask Adam who this is, he will most likely tell you, this is his main man!  Raydell was more than a staff member to my man, he is an amazing friend to Adam. 

For those of you who have been following our journey for quite some time now, I don't have to tell you how amazing my kiddo is.  She is incredible and she is now finding ways to help other kids whose parents or grandparents might be going through something similar to her situation.  She has started a blog called Glowing In the Dark www.inthedarkglowing.blogspot.com It's purpose is to help other kids and to offer resources and ideas of how to cope and help your loved one.  She is working with Triangle Aphasia Project www.aphasiaproject.org and she will also be a resource for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina www.bianc.net 

Triangle Aphasia Project just had their grand opening ceremony on Friday.  After 8 years, they just got their own building!!!  Congratulations TAP and Maura.  Maura Silverman is the founder and creator of TAP and has begun mentoring Mackenzie in her new project.

This last weekend, Adam, Mackenzie, and I drove to Charlotte to meet up with my Aunt Patti, Uncle George, and my cousin David who were in town from Seattle for a wedding.  We had so much fun!  We went to the NASCAR hall of fame, my uncle George is a huge NASCAR fan and touring the museum with him was like having my own personal tour guide!  It was incredible and I learned so much.  I have a new founded appreciation for the sport and we all thoroughly enjoyed the museum.
David, Patti, Adam, me, and George... Mackenzie was the photographer
Adam and I checking out the cars, listening to the audio and reading about the cars, drivers, and many other interesting facts of the sport

Adam and George
Adam next to the track

George and I

Part of the Museum you get to take the pit crew challenge.  Mackenzie fell in love with this activity, after some practice was able to take off a tire and put one back on in 6.47 seconds!  She has informed me that she just might want to be apart of a pit crew some day... oh my!
Adam jacking up the car as part of the pit crew challenge
The 3 of us at the end of our adventure!

Well, now that we are home and home for good... routinue is finally being established!!!!  I am hoping to begin blogging a couple times a week, if not weekly! Stay tuned