Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Promises and Possibilites

Well, it looks like I am going to pick up right where I left off 2 weeks ago.  God has been showing me how faithful He is and how immensely strong His promises are.

He has promised to be faithful and He has abundantly, He has promised peace and I have experienced peace that surpasses all understanding.  He promises hope, and He has supplied hope even when it doesn't make sense and when so many others have lost hope.  He promises everlasting love, and I feel the arms of my Savior around me constantly. 

He promises that with Him ALL things are possible.  A week or so ago in my devotion came this... "We often limit our vision to what we know to be within the realm of possibility no as God defines possibility, but as we define it.  We set ambitious but realistic goals.  We pray from impressive but conceivable miracles.  We hope for divine but plausible resolutions to our problems."  But we forget and need to hear it again:  ALL THINGS (Adam's FULL restoration) are possible with God.  God does not promise to give us all that we have on our agenda, but He does promise to meet real needs in response to real faith.  Never have His purposes been foiled by circumstances too demanding.  Never has His strength fallen short of a need.  This is the promise we have in our Savior.  ALL things are possible with God.

I continue to stand believing in God's promises, waiting in anticipation of Adam's FULL restoration.  Each and every day that passes we are one step closer.  I am rejoicing that Adam is continuing to make HUGE progress every day.  He has already defied so many odds, there is only ONE explanation... God is at work in my man!!!!

This morning we had a pretty large storm plow through our little town of Fuquay Varina... but the remnants of the storm were what was really impressive.  When I walked outside this morning and looked to the sky, there were colors I had never seen before... it was so incredible.  From dropping Mackenzie off to driving to Adam's therapies this morning (about a 45 minute drive) I saw at least 6 rainbows.  I have come to realize in this journey... sometimes we have to go through really intense storms to see the beauty in all that surrounds us.  This morning, that is what the storm reminded me of.

The sky this morning

A rainbow

I couldn't figure out how for the life of me to get this picture of the double rainbow straight up.

We have been up to so much the last few weeks, that I will update again soon... but for now, please don't forget to join the ROOT FOR ADAM team for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina's annul Walk and Roll A Thon.  Email adamrootfamily@gmail.com   Deadline to join the team is Friday.  I am sad to say, we were unable to get donations for ROOT FOR ADAM tee shirts so they will not be available... sorry.  But we are going to have a great time walking for a good cause!!! So come join Adam, Mackenzie, and I raise money for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina!


Anonymous said...

It was so good to hear from you again! We have been praying! We try to have a family devotion every night that we are home together and you all are on the prayer list! We are so happy for all the miracles God is doing in your lives!
In Christ,
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

Yes, my freind, it is good to hear from you again. I rejoice with you in what FAther continues to do for you and your sweet family. I continue to trust Father for each of you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy ~

I always get a little worried when it's been a few weeks since you blogged ... so glad to hear that all is progressing! The pics. are beautiful, too. Whenever I see a double rainbow, I think of what Joyce Meyer says ..."God will give you double for your trouble!" So I'm sure the rainbows were a sign for you that God has great things in store :) ~ I'm continuing to keep you in my heart and prayers ~

Lovingly, Sheri

nicole said...

WOW those pictures are amazing! God's true work. <3 If I was closer I would participate in the walk. Good luck!

Teri Hooper said...

Amen, sisiter!! This weekend with youth at Merge we were talking about Ephs 3:20 God being able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (NIV or the HOlman able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think). I LOVE this. How often do we read this and not stop and think and realize He can do MORE than we can even imagine. That is our God. I wait in anxious anticipation to see all He does Adam's life (and yours and your beautiful girl's and so many others y'all touch!). Love you and miss you. We continue to pray and seek and trust and believe in FULL RESTORATION. Love you and thankful to see your smiling face! Teri