Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Heart Is Yielded

These last two weeks have been extremely difficult for me.  There has been so many things hitting us from all different angles it's been hard to keep my head above water and remember to breathe when I do reach the surface.  I've handled this by retreating... keeping to myself and just reflecting, refocusing, and spending lots of time just praying and in the Word.  It is true, God is near the brokenhearted, and when I seek Him with all my heart, He shows up just to write new love on my heart and breathe new life into my soul.

In His loving and gentle way He reminded me of the hope He has given me.  I am so much more than just believing in Adam's FULL recovery, the Lord has given me true HOPE that only He can give for the entire journey.  It's more than a feeling, true Hope exists when even when I feel hopeless, the Hope that God has given me exists in spite of me.  Nothing is impossible for God, nothing is too big or too far out of reach for the ALL powerful mighty God I serve.

The only thing that limits God's ability is my unbelief.  In my quiet time this week He proceeded to show me He has been here with me since the beginning, He will see us through till the end and He will provide His MIGHTY power for everything we face in between, keeping us sheltered in His grace.  He is showing me that a yielded heart doesn't complain or get discouraged when the going gets rough, but instead it can rejoice and give thanks no matter how rough the road gets.  There is always so much to be thankful for.

2 Corinthians 2:14  But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.  Amen!!!!  This is the cry of my heart, that the fragrance of the knowledge of him will be spread through us.

Nothing in my heart will let me believe in anything less than Adam's FULL restoration.  I have faith that God will continue to see us through this entire journey. I stand in anticipation and excitement for what is still to come!  God has only just begun a good work in our family.

We have been rejoicing this week in Adam's progress... MY MAN RAN for the first time this week!!!!  HE RAN!!!!!  I was told that most likely Adam wouldn't walk on his own again, and now MY MAN IS RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is officially out walking me, and walking faster than I am.  Pray that my healing will keep up with Adam's!   GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

The Norovirus is running rampant through the area we live in and I was called by Adam's doctor yesterday advising me to keep Adam out of public places as much as possible.  I don't want to live in fear, but I am heeding his advice.  So please join me in praying God's hedge of protection around Adam's immune system.  It has been nice just to be at home and hang out here for the day, Adam helped me work on unpacking our bonus room and weeding through boxes we haven't seen in years.  We also baked cookies and welcomed new neighbors.  Mackenzie worked with Adam on his physical therapy exercises, Adam helped make dinner tonight, and we ended our night with a family game!  I haven't minded one bit hanging out at home, I thank God every day for the gift of this house.  We are so blessed.

We have some changes coming in Adam's care over the next couple of months, I don't want to go into any details just yet because nothing is for sure decided on... please pray for the wisdom necessary to make these lofty decisions.  Tonight I don't ask you to just pray for Adam and for this journey, but I ask you to ask God for the hope necessary to believe in seeing Adam's FULL restoration.
I love this man more today than I ever have, what a gift it has been that he picked me to be his wife.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Amy, I, too, retreat into myself when I need to think, or understand something. Father somehow speaks more clearly after at ime like that. I SHOULD say I hear more clearly after a time alone. Father will show you what you need to know as you need to know it. You already know that. I am reminded of Corrie Ten Boom. She asked her father about the ticket she needed for a train ride. He told her you will get the ticket when you need it. I love you and rejoice with you in your new home. You a special. Marion

Emily Jordan said...

Dear Amy--
Was that a recent photo of Adam?? Just curious...I know sometimes you post older photos too!! :o) Anyway, thank you again for sharing your heart with us. It is a blessing to me to read your posts and see you faith and trust in the Lord. You are a precious person!
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

As we prayed for your family this morning, I was reminded that your love story is one of the sweetest I know! Thank you for sharing with us through the good times and bad. Christ is the foundation of your love and the giver of your love and the preserver of your love. "How great is the love that Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God and that is what we are."
Happy Valentine's Day Root family Love, Jan, Wayne, Hannah

Anonymous said...


It was great to see you this past week for my first visit with support group. I am praying that you, Adam, and Mackenzie will be strengthened from within by God's mighty power as you continue life's journey. I've added you to my Favorites, praying with you and praising God with you.

I have been greatly challenged by God's work in your own life as you share on your blog. The early years post trauma were ones in which my faith was stronger. Please pray that I would "step it up" in depending on God. Over the years, as God has supplied for my inadequacy, I have become much less reliant on Him.

My wife told me yesterday about something special regarding recovery from TBI that will be on tomorrow's Today Show at 8:00. A student from Liberty University will be sharing her testimony about God's work in her life. We are planning on watching and recording it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy--
I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. It seems as if it has been so long since you posted anything. I hope the Lord is surrounding you with His Love today.
Blessings and prayers,
EMily Jordan

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers....hoping all is well...

Unknown said...

Still praying. We love you all so much!

Unknown said...

I forgot to sign my last comment. It's Aunt Gretchen here.