Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding, Vows, and Starting Point

Going to the chapel... and we're gonna get maaarried!!!

My little sister is getting married tomorrow!!!  I am so excited to gain an awesome brother! And I am happy for my sister.

This has brought about quite a bit of pondering for me... Covenant vows... what does that mean?  What does that mean to you?  It's been interesting as I have taken a poll tonight... my 8 year old nephew said "promise", my soon to be sister in law, Amy, said "starting point", Mackenzie said "marriage, never leaving no matter what".

The marriage contract is an excellent way in which God helps us to understand the vow of covenant. A marriage, as we know, is a celebration of the union of two people who have made a commitment to seal their love with vows to pledge themselves to each other. Their love is brought into a binding covenant of marriage, and the bond of their love is witnessed by a token that is given. This token is most often a ring.

God desires to give us a token that symbolizes that He has taken ownership of our soul and brought us into His care, setting the seal of His love upon our soul and His seal of approval upon our faith. He does this not by giving us a ring, but by giving us His Holy Spirit. 

(Found the below on a website about covenant vows)
The ring has always been an symbol of refreshment and renewal, for as the precious metal turns again upon itself, so a good marriage is said to turn upon itself to refresh and renew the bond of love. How beautifully this illustrates covenant faith. The bond we have with God is renewed and refreshed daily at the altar of Christ where we worship Him. As we draw upon His grace, the Spirit of God continues to renew and refresh us in the life of Christ.
Praise God that He is renewing me, refining me, bringing me into the sanctification process.  I want to continue to grow everyday, to become more like Him with each passing moment.  I don't want to wake up tomorrow the same as I am tonight.  I want God to continue to renew and refresh me.  I want the presence of His Holy Spirit to be what others see in me and in my marriage.  I want to reflect Christ and His love for us.

While I liked all the answers I received tonight, and all of them fit into the description of covenant vows, my favorite was, starting point.  When giving my vows to Adam and pledging myself to him, that was only the beginning... it truly was the starting point our journey together.  I truly love Adam more today than I did when we were married nearly 5 years ago and our love continues to grow and be strengthened each and every day.  Our wedding day was only the starting point and tomorrow my sister and my almost brother in law will have their starting point... how exciting!  Congratulations Roberto and Brooke, Happy Starting Point!

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Anonymous said...

I love what was said about marriage being a starting point. My word or thought on marriage, I am committed to making my marrigae work, not just to my Dave. Father gave me my husband, AND He doesn't make mistakes. We are always a gift to each other...sometimes the goft comes wrapped a little differently, BUT we are always a gift. I am so very happy for your sister and her husband. depending on when the wedding was, they have been married for a few hours at the time of this writing. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and your sweet family. Marion