Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey, This Is Mackenzie!!!

Ummm I’m kind of new at this, but ya.  This is Mackenzie I wanted to do the blog because I wanted to add some fun (kid friendly)to this blog !  JSo I’m going to ask you some questions…
                                                                         M’s POP QWIZ:

1.       How many times do you find your self wishing that you had something random like a big glass of milk and a HUGE cookie?

2.       Have you found yourself praying and you did not know it?

3.       Describe your dream home

4.       Have you done something sooooooooo strange or random in public?

5.       What is your favorite Christian book?

6.       If you won the lottery what would you do first?

7.       What is your favorite color?

8.       What is your favorite song?

9.       What makes you happy?

10.   When was the last time you said patty cake? J

I hope you had fun and here’s some more…

                                                   Riddle of the day:

              Two cannibals where eating a comedian and one said to the other  “does something taste funny to you?”

                                                  Joke of the day:

What happened  when pink panther stepped on a ant???

Answer: dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant dead ant, dead ant, dead ant (pink panther theme song tune)  


                         Remember God made you special and he loves you very  much

                                                                   Good byeJ  


Anonymous said...

Those are great questions Mackenzie! I will ponder them and when I see you back here in Washington which won't be much longer, I will answer them! I'm sure Renae and Brookie will too...maybe even Daniel! :-)

See you soon.
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

1-I was just wishing for some potato chips...does that count? 2- Yes and again YES!! 3-No high expectations, just that everything works. 4-I am glad you didn't ask what. :) 5-"Angel of Bastogne" by Gilbert Morris. 6- Take a cruise. 7-burgundy. 8-"Only the World" by Mandisa. 9-Being at Pacific Beach...God's Ocean. 10-Just now. :) Here's one for you...What's red and goes up and down? answer-A tomato in an elevator. (I know, I's as old as the hills and twice as dusty). :) I love you guys and continue to trust FAther for each of you, Marion

Hillary said...

I love this. I want random things all the time, like dried mango. And I ALWAYS dance in public, even in the grocery store. That's kind of strange, right?


Mary Strynar said...

Mackenzie, I have a bag of double stuff oreos here at my home. Do you want to come over??? I only do random stuff in public if I know you're around to see me goof up. I love this Mandisa song. My favorite song is Times by Tenth avenue north but my favorite workout song is Tonight by Toby Mac. What makes me happy is when my kids have "A-ha! moments" when learning about Jesus. You are living in my dream home. My favorite color is the color of yours's and Sarah's cheeks when you've been running around a lot outside. I love these questions! Have a great 1/2 day today!!!

Wanda said...

Hi Mackenzie, I was thrilled to see your post today. I love your riddle and joke! I need to run so I don't have time to answer the questions. I just wanted to quickly check to see how you all were doing. I think you are wonderful and will continue to pray for you!!

Joy said...

Great job, M! Hopefully we will see many more of your "guest posts" to come!! I only know you through this blog and things your mom has shared, but you are such an inspirational young lady! Thanks GOD for you!
Now for the questions....

1.My something random...a yummy mix of sweet and salty...all of the time! I am glad I don't give in to the random urge all of the time though!

2. Yes, if I am scared, I pray...worried, I pray...happy, I pray, etc!

3. Anywhere with amazing hubby and our furry kids is a dream to me!

4. My niece/Goddaughter is 16. When we are in the store and a great song comes on the radio, I love to belt it out and dance...yeah, she doesn't care for it much!

5. Besides the bible, I LOVE the Yada Yada Sisterhood series. Although it's religious fiction, the references to scripture throughout that pair them with real life are priceless.

6. Tithe to my church and build the addition we so need in honor of my mother & father. After that, I would love to simple be a bum with my hubby and kids for a week, then back to reality!

7. I LOVE colors in general, but I would have to say pink and green.

8. There are SO many!! One song that reduces me to tears of gratitude every time I hear it, no matter HOW many times I hear it is I Can Only Imagine.

9. Many things including my family.

10. Oh, wow...probably last time I visited with my great niece, Ava...maybe 2 months ago? GREAT question! :)

Emily Jordan said...

Hi Miss Mackenzie--
Sorry I didn't get to respond to your post sooner! It was very fun!
Your questions--Just last night I had the most random craving for Cheesy bread from Domino's, my dream home would be a log cabin in the country, my favorite Christian book, among many is The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace and also Same Kind of Different As Me, my favorite colors are purple and bright pink, one favorite songs right now is Redeemed by Selah (if you have never heard it you should try to listen to it is beautiful), and I can't remember the rest of the questions!! :o) Oh yeah, if I won a lottery or sweepstakes...I would give most of it away to people like your family and the Darling family to help meet needs you have! I hope you are having a wonderful day and we are praying for you too here in Sanford, NC!!!
Emily Jordan

Emily Jordan said...

Sorry, Mackenzie--
That Selah song is actually called "Unredeemed". It is on the You Deliver Me CD. It is beautiful.