Friday, December 2, 2011

Waiting In Anticiaption

We are bringing to close a very busy week in the Root house!  Last night Adam and I, along with many of our good friends, hosted a Christmas Tree Trimming party at Learning Services.  We sang Christmas carols, decorated trees and many of the windows at Learning Services... we had such a good time and so did all the residents.  It was fun to have some friends come out and bring their families, the residents sure enjoyed the company but especially the children.

I love that it's Friday and Adam is home with me for the weekend, this makes me so very happy.  I find myself counting down the hours till Friday afternoons, knowing that every weekend he gets to come home with us.  Today was no different, despite my crazy busy day, I felt as though it creeped slowly until I was able to get my man and bring him home.

One thing I know the Lord is teaching me and has been over this last week is how to pray differently.  I have always prayed and will continue to pray, standing in anticipation of Adam's full restoration.  However, over the last week the Lord has taught me to pray for Adam's restoration or something better.  I don't know what the Lord has planned for us and how he is going to use all that we have endured and continue to endure... but one thing I do know is He is in control.  While I so badly want full restoration (the way I picture it in my mind), but the Lord so gently reminded me that He is the one that sees the whole picture, He is the one in control and His plans are far better than my mind could possibly fathom. 

I will continue to pray without ceasing for my man's restoration, but I will also submit to His plans allowing Him to transform me through this journey.  I stand in anticipation for what is to come.  Micah 7:7 says "But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."  I love that God's word even tells me to wait in anticipation!

Thank you for those of you who were praying for Adam this week... he had a minor infection, as soon as I noticed he was a little off we made a quick trip to Adam's doctor and got him on an antibiotic... we were able to stay ahead of the infection before it went full flege.  With the antibiotics he is back to feeling well and has had a great week in therapies.  MaryJo (Adam's speech therapist) left me a note yesterday and all it said was BEST DAY EVER!  I love that!  Your prayers are being answered, please keep praying for my man it's amazing to see God's hand at work in my man every day!


Emily Jordan said...

Thank you for the update! God is teaching me many things through your journey as you share with us.
Enjoy your weekend!
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweet Amy, what a wonderful place to be. Father has wonderous gifts in store. The wrapping may not be what we expect, BUT they are gifts non the less. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and yours. Marion (look for something in the mail)