Monday, December 5, 2011

Blessings In Disguise

This weekend was an interesting weekend.  Adam always keeps me on my toes, he had an adverse effect on him.  Starting Friday he had some irritation and then had a couple seizures, then Saturday went into 3 hours of in and out of constant seizures... after speaking with the doctor and devising a plan of action we decided it was best to not call an EMT (at this point it would have made Adam worse, the more he was pushed or directed the more he became agitated, the more he seized).  The doctor suggested taking a double dose of Adam's seizure medication, rest, and then follow up with Dr. Hart (Adam's regular doctor)... this is what we did.  By Sunday he only had 1 seizure and today he hasn't had any!!!  He seems to finally be over his infection and the adverse effect the antibiotic had on him.

I am choosing to believe that these seizures were also breakthrough seizures.  I am praying that God will work these for good in Adam's recovery.  I know with all my heart all that has been suffered and endured in this journey that God will use for His good and for His great purpose.

I am so thankful that Adam has such an amazing team of doctors that we work with.  I consider it such a privilege to be able to be able to have the team of doctors we have.  Dr. Hart is incredible with Adam as well as making himself available to any needs that come up.  What a blessing this is.

When I look at my problems as problems, they will continue to hold me down. Instead, when I see them as blessings in disguise, and that is what they will truly become.  I heard this story... A Christian man lost his home and mill when a flood washed them away. He was broken-hearted and discouraged as he stood surveying his loss. Just then he saw a glittering object that had been uncovered by the waters. It was gold! The disaster he thought had made him a beggar had actually made him wealthy. So, too, the Lord often works through our troubles to strip away certain cherished possessions to show us the better treasures of His love and power. How thankful we should be that in every storm of affliction we have the assurance that the Lord has a good purpose in view!

I know and will continue to proclaim that God will work Adam's injury and recovery process for His good.  His word says that He works together all things for good for those who love him (Romans 8:28).  I can't wait and I stand in anticipation of what the Lord is going to do!


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! my dear friend, you have a HUGE NUGGET in realizing the blessing though disguised. Not many people have the eyes to see that. I praise Father for His mighty hand on Adam... on you and Mackenzie as well. I KNOW He has wonderous gifts in store. I trust the disguises they may come wrapped in will melt away in the SON. I love you, Marion

Emily Jordan said...

Dear Amy--
What a hard time that must have been for you watching him have those seizures! I cannot imagine! I will pray.
A big hug sent your way from Sanford,
Emily Jordan