Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Because He Loves You

With this season of hustle and bustle, often the true meaning... the reason for the season is lost.  We have the privilege of celebrating our Savior's birth, we get to celebrate how much God loves us that He sent His only Son to redeem us so that we can have eternal life with our Father who loves us more than we can EVER fathom.

My brother sent me a CD shortly after Adam's injury, he's gifted with music and putting together the right mix of songs for the right season of my life.  This CD has been no different.  The very last track on this CD tells me just the kind of Father I have and how much He loves me.  Since receiving this CD I listen to this track EVERY day.  I am sure Mackenzie and Adam could probably recite this track.  I am the type of person that I want to know every day just how much the Lord loves me.  I seek Him so that He will fill me more with His love.  I want to share it with all of you, it is very powerful and your perspective of God's love will change from listening to this.  This is about 9 minutes long and worth EVERY second.  I suggest you do what I often do when I am alone... first try to find 9 minutes when you know you will not be interrupted and then turn this up loud so that it permeates throughout your soul.


Emily Jordan said...

Dear Amy--
Thank you for sharing this song with us. I could not see the video well for some reason but the song was loud and clear. The Lord spoke to me about His love for me. What a blessing.
Thank you,
Emily Jordan

Anonymous said...

My dear Amy, My Dave and I are having a streeeeetching experience. Thank you for the reminder of seeing myself as BELOVED of God. I am asking Father that I may see and remember my Dave is BELOVED of God...even when I don't "see" why. I love you and am grateful for the gift of you in my life. I continue to trust Father for you and your sweet family. I rejoice for ALL the wonderful gifts Father has for you on your CHRISTmas trip. Marion