Thursday, November 3, 2011


My man and I reunited after a long 5 hours of Adam missing today  (this picture was courtesy of WRAL news)

There is never a dull moment in this journey and I am thankful that Adam continues to teach me that through it all, all I need is Jesus. 

Before I write anything I just want to say, to God be the Glory for Adam's recovery, He is amazing, and He continues to be with us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!

This afternoon when I went to Adam's facility to pick him up from a day of therapy, he was nowhere to be found.  I quickly ran through the facility looking in rooms and around to quickly realize he was not in the facility.  Mackenzie and I sat in the parking lot prayed and then as fast as we could we got in the car and started looking for Adam, talking to many neighbors who aided in the search party looking for my man.  After about 2 hours had passed, a silver alert went out which allowed every available officer out looking for my man.  Several more hours and a couple hundred people looking for him, he was found!!!  We were in a HUGE circle of prayer with so many people who had come to help with the search efforts, we were praying before we were going to be take by the police to that last sight they had the bloodhounds pick up Adam's scent.  Right after we came out of prayer and before we were all in vehicles, we received the call that Adam had been found and seemed okay!!!


I want to thank the hundreds of Raleigh police officers and North Carolina state troopers that were out on foot, in car, and in the air looking for my love.  I want to thank the neighbors who helped us print photos, drove their cars and got out on foot before others were able to arrive.  From the bottom of my heart and with tears in my eyes I want to thank our friends who drove quite aways to help in the search efforts and to Adam's UNC nurses who were quick to want to help.  I want to thank Triangle Community Church for all those who were able to come out to help, and also to Raleigh First Assembly.  To our family who were across the country on their knees in prayer for Adam, thank you.  Thank you to the media who was able to get the word spread quickly allowing us to increase our search party by the droves.  I want to thank all of Adam's therapist and the staff at Adam's facility who had left for the day, but came back to aide in the search efforts and to the staff on the clock who were quick to get in the cars and on foot looking for him.

Currently we are at UNC medical center in the emergency room getting Adam looked over.  He did suffer a fall and is complaining of back pain and pain in his right side.  Please be praying that it's nothing more than just being sore.  I will update when I can. 

The entire time Adam was missing, a song with the chorus that says "take it all, take it all, just give me Jesus, just give me Jesus.  As I sang, I was praying these words... take it all, take it all, all the worry, all the anxiety, all the fear...just give me JESUS, and He did.  I know the Lord was walking with me.  ALL I NEED, ALL I HAVE EVER NEEDED, and ALL THAT I WILL EVER NEED IS JESUS!!!!


Carlee said...

Praise the Lord he is okay! I've been strongly thinking of you this afternoon and I now understand why. I'm so sorry for your worry about this today. God had his hands over your man! Hopefully you both sleep well tonight.

Anonymous said...

God continues His faithfulness! The west coast is rejoicing with all of you in NC! Thanks for all who have bowed in prayer for Adam's safe return.

Love to you ALL!
Love, Mom/Karen/Grandma

Jody said...

My manager at BB&T sent me this before I even signed on to read this tonight. Praise God Adam was found today, He is faithful! Wow, my heart dropped when I saw the title of the article, so thankful Adam is doing well now.

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I was on the WRAL website yesterday for some reason and I looked at the headlines and instantly spotted Adam. I told my husband that I read a blog about this family! I was concerned when I read that Adam had been missing but then I was so happy that he was found. Seriously that is a testimony about all of us who know Jesus. Your family is being used by the Lord! I will continue to pray for you all. Thanks be to God for all the Good News!

Jess said...

Oh Amy, I had no idea!!!! I am so glad he was found and is safe. Praise God!!

Nikki said...

Amy & Adam,
Thank you for openly sharing your story on WRAL. It is amazing to see another sister-in-Christ sharing of her journey toward being ALL that the Lord has called us to be...a Proverbs 31 wife. When I look at the circumstances and challenges in my own life, they seem to pale in comparison to the journey your family is on, and I will stand in agreement with you...that Adam's life will be one miracle after another! What the enemy thought could bring us down...Father God will use to lift us higher than we ever imagined or dreamed to soar.
Stay encouraged in the faith!

Anonymous said...

My Sweet Friend, I have been off the computer a few days. I rejoice with you that Adam was found. Father had His angels around him as well as giving you that song. I love you, Marion

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