Sunday, November 6, 2011

Obedience and Butterflies

We are so blessed.  So blessed by the many of you who have stopped us sharing with us your stories, blessings and words of encouragement.  It's been so nice to be running every day errands and getting the privilege to share our journey with so many of you as so many of you have so kindly stopped us to share.  We have loved being able to meet so many brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Adam and I enjoying a very simple cup of solace

Many of you who have been following our blog for awhile or know me personally know how much I enjoy butterflies and the meaning behind them.  I want to take just a moment to explain the meaning and importance of butterflies in my life.  Shortly after I started walking with Jesus Christ, everywhere I went I would see so many butterflies everywhere I would go.  In Seattle (where I was living at the time) in late fall they would be everywhere... not a normal time to see them.  Butterflies symbolize new beginnings and transformation.

Then just 2 weeks before Adam's injury, I was hiking with Debbie in Boone, NC and throughout the hike we were swarmed with butterflies.  At one point we were sitting at the bottom of a waterfall surrounded by butterflies, I laid on a rock at the bottom of the waterfall journeling, in my journal I wrote to God submitting to whatever plans he had coming.  Then just two weeks later, our lives were turned upside down and inside out.  I had to hold on knowing that God was in control and that new beginnings were on the horizon.

Then just two weeks ago we were on the beach in South Carolina we were amazed to see so many butterflies on the beach.  I knew God was preparing me, preparing us once again for His plans... and this morning when I was getting ready it hit me... the butterflies on the beach were explained.  God was preparing us for this last week.  I know God is always going before us, preparing the way at the same time, guiding us each and every step of the way.  Isaiah 48:17 This is what the Lord says--your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go. 

I pray that Adam and I will continue to walk in obedience.  My prayer has been and will continue to be for obedience to God's calling on our lives and on our marriage.  Today in church Pastor Chad gave a sermon titled "Falling Short Of Your Destiny"  He gave 3 reasons that will prevent us from our God ordained destiny: 1. disobedience  2. complacency  3.  fear.  He also gave 3 things to do to fulfill your divine destiny  1.  We must live in absolute obedience  2. Risk great things for God  3. Keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.  Please pray for Adam and I to live in absolute obedience and to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus every step of the way. 

We have been living with our really good friends Wayne and Jan Lewis and every day I feel as if I am at the most amazing summer camp/bed and breakfast.  This afternoon we spent the day outside for some relaxation and time together as a family.  Below are some pictures from hanging

Adam and I watched as Jan was teaching Mackenzie how to plant flowers for the winter... have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY MAN!!!

This is the view Adam and I as we sat together, talked and just enjoyed each other's company. 

Mackenzie and I getting the horses ready for a ride

Adam took this picture of me getting ready to go for a ride with Quila

Pretty awesome way to spend a Sunday.  Adam stood at the fence, he watched and took a couple of pictures of us.


Anonymous said...

Is their any vacancy at the Lewis's? I would like to book a room! So glad you had such a beautiful day yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I love you and rejoice with you for all Father does. I have only ever been on a horse once in my life. My daughter loves them. Like Lisa there any vacancy at the Lewis's? :) marion

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at these comments posted above mine ... as I think we all now want to stay at the Lewis' :) Beautiful pictures, Amy and Adam. Please know that I pray for you so much and am excited with you for the miracles God is doing in your life.

Love, Sheri (Snohomish, WA.)

Anonymous said...

Amy, Adam and Mackenzie, God has given us the SWEETEST blessing to include you guys in our household for these weeks ...that are flying by so quickly! We treasure this time since you were already in our hearts as FAMILY from the first day we met ... and especially through months and months of praying daily with you from afar. How many times I ask God to show me something I could do for you all in addition to prayer. I just love how He has answered ! And yes, there's always room for any of your family and friends that want to come to visit!!
Love, Jan and Wayne

Anonymous said...

Jan and Wayne,

Thank you for your generous outpouring of love you have shown to Amy, Adam, and Mackenzie. I look forward to the time we meet!

With love from
Amy's mom

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