Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Wednesday Adam became a resident at Learning Services.  Adam seems to really be enjoying being back in therapy and in a familiar setting with a team that has quickly become family and friends.   was The last few days have been exhausting, after meeting with the case manager for Adam at Learning Services, a 2 hour conference with the state licensing office, and time on the phone spent with Gloria (insurance case manager) trying to talk through some things... all in all based off of the information I gathered it looks like Adam will have to be a resident till around Feb.  So we'll make the most of it.  We have already begun making the most of it.  Mackenzie played Monopoly with some of the participants, she and a participant also made paper snow flakes and decorated the windows.  We have been able to have dinner with Adam every night and stay to tuck him in.

The transition for Adam seems to be going better than expected and I am so thankful to all of you for praying for him.  Please pray for Mackenzie and I, this transition is not going well for us and Mackenzie's attitude towards me has been more defiant than normal.  She never handles transitions well and that was to be expected with this transition, but she is expressing a lot of anger towards our circumstances and the last 18 months of our upside down lives.  Please be praying for both of us, but especially Mackenzie. 

Tonight Adam is back to laying next to me and I am loving it... we get to bring Adam home on the weekends and just tickles me.  I couldn't wait to check him out today.  After we checked out we went for a routine check up with Adam's regular primary care physician Dr. Hart... we went over the lab results from blood work he recently had done... his blood work was PERFECT!!!  Amazing!!!  His liver, his cholesterol, his vitamin levels... everything!  This may have been our first perfect score for blood work!  We celebrated by taking Adam to get his haircut... well maybe this wasn't a celebration, more like an item on the to do list... but I wanted to share for those of you who live in the Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina area... we went to Holly Springs Barber Shop, it was amazing!  We all had fun, Mackenzie and I played air hockey while Adam was getting his haircut and we visited with both of the stylists.  It was really enjoyable. 

This evening I was finally having some quiet time, while do some research I decided to check the website of a church Mackenzie and I attended for a little while in Seattle... it's Mars Hill Church.  Pastor Mark Driscoll's messages often encourage me and I love listening to his sermons online.  I came across this very powerful video and I want to share it with you.  It is well worth the 8 minutes this plays. 



Anonymous said...

Sweet Amy!! It probably doesn't help much to say Mackenzie's age is part of the problem. Her situation is unique, yes, BUT her age is a part of it. My granddaughter is starting to have attitudes. I will trust for Mackenzie just as I trust for my granddaughter. Father loves th4em both very much and has wonderous things for both of them. I too, will trust for you and for Adam. I love the way you used the word tickle. Hugs, Marion

Anonymous said...

Logan and sean go there to get haircuts too! We love it! Logan. Has been asking to see Mackenzie - looks like we live close by ( we r in arbor creek) let's plan for coffee or the park sometime? - miss u - emily

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