Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excited For God's Perfect Plans

We have had the most incredible weather the last 2 days and I have been so thankful and grateful that I am right here in the beautiful state.  I am so grateful for the amazing fall day we have had.

Adam had his first piano lesson today, Jan taught Adam how to play the beginning part of Joy To The World, and he did awesome!  Jan said she will take Adam a keyboard he can use while he's at Learning Services and she'll come work with him.

We hit another victory this evening... in a conversation where I could tell Adam was thinking clearly, he tried to tell me he forgot his truck.  He said he needed to get his truck.  I asked him what color his truck is and he said red (which is was)!  I explained to him that he had an accident and has been working hard to get better.  I explained that I had to sell his truck so that we could buy a house, when I asked if that was okay, he said he thought was a good choice.  This is really the first time he was asking questions about anything before his injury... I just got so tickled that I keep seeing him slowly, but surely coming out of the fog he's been living in for so long.

Tonight Mackenzie and I attended our first brain injury support group.  We have been very active with the brain injury association of North Carolina... but this is the first time we have attended the support group.  I am so thankful for such a great community that we live in and for the amazing resources we have available to us.  Please consider joining the brain injury association of North Carolina http://www.bianc.net/index.html this helps provide families like us with much needed resources and information to better understand and take care of our loved ones.

Tomorrow Adam gets admitted to Learning Services as a full time resident.  He will be living there until their licensing comes through... I spent most of the weekend being pretty pitiful, but yesterday the Lord grabbed hold of my sorry self and asked if I was going to get in the way of His greater plans and His greater purpose.  Then I started to think... there must be someone he has for us to meet that we wouldn't otherwise get to.  I am now excited to see what the Lord has in store for us, I am excited to see His continued hand healing Adam and I am excited to see how He will be using Adam's stay at Learning Services to continue to win hearts for Him and to progress Adam along further.  God's plans are perfect and I am surrendering to His will and to His great purpose.  God is so good, He is so faithful, and He is so mighty. 

I am excited to see what God is going to do, and I am continuing to pray for wisdom and peace as we take the next step in this journey.  I am praying that the Lord's will, will be done.  I know this too shall pass, and that Adam's time as a resident will be temporary, but I am still going to miss his arms wrapped around me every night, I am going to miss spending normal family time with him... please be praying as we reenter the life of living in a facility.  This is a very challenging way to live and a way of life we never thought we would have had to go back to... but God has other plans and we are going forward in obedience.  Pray for the caregivers to be diligent in their work as they care for my man.  Tonight I am not leaning on my understanding, but I am trusting in the Lord with all my heart.  I know His hand prints are all over my man and I know they will continue to be so.

I am praising the Lord for all the healing that has taken place, the healing that is happening in this moment, and the healing that is still yet to come.  He is so good.  Ezra 3:11 With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: "He is good; his love to Israel endures forever." And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my Friend, I understand the finally leaving it in Father's hands. While my situation is different, I too, have come to that place. It is a good place to be. I love you, and continue to trust Father for you, Adam, and Mackenzie. Marion

Mary Strynar said...

You amaze me! Consistently you run to our Father. It is so evident how He holds Adam, you and Mackenzie in His hands. Without a doubt He has a great plan for your family. Last night I had a dream that Adam & I had this long conversation (you weren't with us) and when I got home I couldn't wait to write it all here for you to read. : ) Amy, the day is coming. I pray for complete restoration. I love you.

Emily Jordan said...

Awhhh...I loved hearing that he was asking about his truck. That is great progress. Praying for all of you.
Emily Jordan
Sanford, NC

Amber, Durham, NC said...

Since finding your blog on November 3rd I have read through the past 18 months of blog entries and every time I come to read I feel so blessed to have found your family's story. I pray Adam will fully recover from his injury and for your continued strength. I also pray that I could have just a fraction of the faith that you have. Thank you for showing us all what it means to put your trust in God.

Adam & Amy Root said...

I feel so blessed by all your sweet comments today. This just brought renewed joy to my heart. Thank you all for your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Adam, it was such a JOY to hear you playing the piano .. you were finding beautiful sounds while you explored the keyboard. It was lovely and I hated to interrupt your exploration but I felt God prompting me to show you that first line, "Joy to the world the Lord is come," You played it perfectly - correct notes and rhythm... and in multiple places on the piano. I was SO EXCITED !! But as I write this I am struck that those are the words that you most want others to know. JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD HAS COME ! That is truly news that keeps us joyful and peaceful through every storm and trial on this earth. I can't wait to hear you play and sing that whole song. I'm praying that God might answer that prayer THIS CHRISTMAS. Love,Jan

Teri Hooper said...

Dearest, wonderful Amy, Honestly, there are times I don't want to read this blog, because I know I am wallowing or stewing or upset about something so completely ridiculous and when I read this I will be so completely convicted!! Thanks so much for always being such a blessing. Your faith and love for the Lord is such a testimony and such and encouragement (and at times, when necessary, such a conviction). And your complete love and devotion to your man too. Thank your honesty to all of us reading. Thank you for the example of putting your trust in all circumstances in Him. And praising Him in and through it. And for sharing how you struggle at times. I am so excited to hear you are excited about who God plans to bring into your lives through this step in your journey. Praying for you, Adam and Mackenzie and the staff and whoever God is preparing next to be impacted by the Roots! Love you, my friend!

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