Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Appreciating God, Even When LIfe Is Challenging

I cherish our mornings and our devotion times.  Before Adam's injury every morning we had our prayer and devotion time and we have carried this on ever since his injury (it's not always in the mornings).  This morning we had an just a wonderful time with the Lord and in the Word of God.  Adam and I usually read a passage accompanied by a devotion.

Before we got started I asked Adam to open our time together in prayer, and it's with his permission that I share his prayer with you all.  "Dear Lord, I love you so much.  I want you to know how much I appreciate all you are.  I hope you know.  In your name, Amen."  The amazing thing was right aft er this I opened Jesus Calling, the devotion book we chose for this morning.  Today's entry... (this is written as if God is speaking to you)

"Learn to appreciate difficult days.  Be stimulated by the challenges you encounter along your way.  As you journey through rough terrain with Me, gain confidence from your knowledge that together we can handle anything.  This knowledge is comprised of three parts: Your relationship with Me, promises in the Bible, and past experiences of coping successfully in hard times. 

Look back on your life, and see how I have helped you through difficult days.  If you are tempted to think 'Yes, but that was then and this is now' remember who I am!  Although you and your circumstances may change dramatically, I am remain the same throughout time and through eternity.  This is the basis of your confidence.  In my presence you live, move, and have your being."

I thought it was so incredible to hear Adam's prayer before this, knowing he has suffered and continues to suffer a great deal, and yet he appreciates not only his Savior, but the journey.  I love the example and witness my man is to me every day.  He challenges me in my thinking, in simplifying my life, in slowing down to just love my Jesus.  God is teaching me so much through my man's love for Him.  I truly feel so blessed to be my man's wife.

The last few days Adam and I have tried to take it easy, today we spent time with friends, went to an art show at Mackenzie's school (I tried posting a picture of Mackenzie's entry, but my computer is not cooperating this evening), and Adam attended his Tuesday night men's Bible study.  Overall a peaceful and relaxing day.  Please pray for Adam and I as we will be traveling tomorrow to see the neuro optometrist for the first time.  Pray that Adam will be able to effectively communicate with this doctor so that Adam can receive the help he so badly needs with his vision.  Please also pray for his stamina during this 2-3 hour appointment.  Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer for this journey.  Words will never be able to capture the gratitude we have for each of you.  God will repay what we cannot.  Thank you.


Emily Jordan said...

What a sweet, precious prayer Adam said to his Lord and Savior. I know it touched the heart of God in a mighty way! You are a precious family and I continue to pray for you. Thank you for sharing your life on this blog. It is such an encouragement to me and helps me in my walk with the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed at what Father has done in Adam. Our bodies may be weakened, BUT our spirits are strong. I WILL TRUST FATHER FOR ADAM'S COMMUNICATION and STAMINA!! AMEN and AMEN I love you, Marion

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