Sunday, October 9, 2011

Recapping a Busy Week

I want to start by thanking the Jones' family.  Thank you especially to Amy Jones whose has graciously opened her home to us while she has been in Africa serving as a missionary.  The Jones' opened their home and their hearts to us and we are forever grateful and blessed by their generosity. 

We transitioned this weekend from the Jones' house since Amy is returning from the mission field, and we are staying with some very good friends of ours Wayne and Jan Lewis.  We are so excited for this season of getting to stay with the Lewis' and already we have created some wonderful memories with them.  I just love how God uses His people, we have been blessed by so many wonderful people!

(For those of you who love my kiddo and are concerned about her well being... with this transition, she does not have to switch schools.)

This week has been so busy between Adam's folks visiting and moving... it's just been one crazy week, I've barely been able to keep up with the blog.  Here is our week in review...

Monday we took a little road trip with Adam's mom and dad, we drove through the country, to a few small towns and ended up at a county fair in the evening...
Jack and Adam on the pier

Mackenzie taking in the sights

Mackenzie and Adam looking at the wildlife in the water

Mackenzie with the horse at the fair

All of us checking out the horse (there was only one... it must have been a small county)

Gramps spoiled Mackenzie and took her on the rides
Jack winning Adam a prize at ring toss

Adam and I at the fair

Adam and Cookie

 One of my good friends Courtnie works for the American Kennel Club and she invited Adam and I to swing into her office and meet her "co-workers"... one of the perks of her job is they can bring their dogs to work, so by co-workers I really mean the employee dogs.  It was so awesome to see so many dogs, Adam had a blast!

Courtnie and Adam

Yesterday we spent the day at the Hagan's, Adam and I got to hang out with Jack and Diana while John and Debbie went to a football game... when they got home, John showed Adam how to wash one of their rugs with a hose.

Mackenzie thinks she might as well have gone to heaven, getting to stay with the Lewis' means Mackenzie gets to see and be around horses every day.  I just loved this moment Mackenzie shared with the horse, I believe Mackenzie was letting the horse know that she was going to like Mackenzie or else...

I am just so thankful and so grateful for all the ways God has provided and continues to provide for us.  He is our Johovah Jireh.  Genesis 22:14 So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, "On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided."  He is so faithful!

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Anonymous said...

Fairs are always fun. My one son and I got to go and see Michael W. Smith with Amy Grant, in concert. Before concert time we enjoy a HIGH RISE chair act... The chair was 80feet up there with him doing handstands and a couple of tricks. I was amazed. I am so delighted you had such a good time. I am glad your movce went well. I think you mentioned you wouldn't be in your present house long. I just didn't realize the time was up so soon. I, too, am glad about Mackenzie's school. That makes it so much easier for her. I love yu guys and continue to trust Father for each of you, Marion

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