Thursday, October 27, 2011

God Contiues To Work In Mighty Ways

I am so excited for all that God is doing in Adam's recovery the last couple of weeks.  It's unbelievable!  The way that his therapist can report back to insurance about Adam making specific gains and measuring his progress is through tests. Each month Adam is tested in each discipline of therapy.  This month Adam's tests were improved greatly.  His right side is continuing to gain strength and is very close to matching the strength of his left side.  List endurance has continued to improve as well as his ability to stay focused on a task!  These are all HUGE gains for this past month!  His speaking and ability to communicate is getting so much better.  This week especially I have been praising God for Adam's clarity in communicating his needs.  God continues to be doing a mighty work in my man's restoration.  

I have more faith now than ever, knowing and trusting that God is and will continue to restore Adam and build him back up just like His word promises.  Nearly 9 months ago, the scripture verse Jeremiah 31:4  I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt...  Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful.  As I approach the Throne of Grace with confidence, asking and believing with all my heart that God is restoring Adam.  He is not building Adam back to be the same man that he was, God is rebuilding Adam for His great and mighty purposes.  After all, my man is a mighty warrior and he has been and will be used in God's army in a mighty way.  This I believe with all my heart. 

While I wait on the Lord in the meantime, I will be praising Him with a heart that is overflowing with joy for all that He has done, all that He is doing in this moment, and all that is still yet to come.  I am trusting Him, believing in Him, and loving Him with all my heart.  I just love my Jesus and so does my man!

I often thank Adam for choosing me to be his wife, this started long before his injury and has continued on.  This week as I have told him thank you for choosing me to be your wife, he looks at me with a huge smile.  I know how much this means to him, even if he can't find the right words to communicate how much it means to him, his face expresses it all.  Wives, I encourage you to thank your man for choosing you.  Look at the way your man has blessed you and blessed your life... don't you want to thank him for it?  If you find it hard or difficult, ask God to reveal to you ways that you can be thankful for your spouse.  Write it in a letter if that would be easier than telling him to his face, but I encourage you to please spend time in prayer asking God to reveal all the ways your spouse has blessed you and then thank your spouse for all that God reveals to you.  Watch your man melt as you tell him!

Dear Jesus, thank you for being with my man as he has embarked on the most difficult journey of his life.  Thank you for being there, comforting him with Your peace.  Thank you for drawing him close to You, I can see how in love he is with You and I know he must of had some tangible taste of your love.  Thank you God for the miracles in Adam's life that You have already done, may we never forget all that You have worked in this journey.  Thank you for the blessing Adam has been to me and the blessings he has poured forth on me.  Thank you for blessing me with such an incredible man that I get to call my husband.  Help me to be the wife you designed for Adam when You created him.  Draw us closer to You, and give us what we need to be obedient to Your calling on our lives and our marriage.  Thank you God that You rescued us from our sin so that we can know fellowship with You.  I know I can speak this for my man... we love You so much.  Thank you that Your presence is surrounding us.  Oh Father we love you and it's in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Amy!! YOur prayer speaks my heart for my sweet husband. Thank you. I pray, too, for your full recovery. I love you, Marion

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