Thursday, September 22, 2011

Standing For The Covenant Vows

Last Thursday, Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network's Founder and CEO of the 700 Club...  responded to a viewer, that divorce from a spouse from a debilitating disease is okay.  Went on to say "I know it sounds cruel, but if he's going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again"  I can't even begin to tell you or explain to the gut wrenching feeling I had in my stomach from hearing such horrific advice.  Not only is it not right... IT'S NOT BIBLICAL.

Listen here Pat, last time I checked my vows said, "Till death do us part", ONLY God determines when that moment is... and according to His Word until He determines that moment, then He is still completing a work in us.  He is still at work.  This advice wouldn't be surprising coming from anyone in the secular world, but from someone who has been the face of Christianity to so many who might not otherwise see it... come on.  I am still heated up about this even a week later.  LOVE is a verb, not a feeling.  It's a action we have to choose every day to live it out.  It's a choice... and as married people, we made that vow the day of our ceremony "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse". 

Watching my husband suffer has been the most difficult, painful, heart breaking, challenging, sorrowful thing I have ever been through.  I cannot begin to put into words the pain that I feel just about every day. Some days I feel it so much that without God and His grace, I'm sure it would have been the end of me by now.  I have never known pain like I have in the last 17 months of my life, but with God in control of it all... I have never known so much joy.  When I surrender to His perfect will and we die to myself and to my desires of what I wanted and dreamed of in this life, then and only then God will fill us with immeasurable joy, unspeakable joy... even in the midst of our pain and sorrow.  His strength He renews in me daily... for it is not I who can make it through the demands of each day, but God's power and strength in me that allows me to keep pressing on.  If this is what it takes for me to remain surrendered and completely dependent on God, not even being able to take my next step without His guidance... then I can't help but rejoice and be glad in it.  There is no where else I would rather be than surrendered with my arms high and my heart abandoned.

It saddens me that Pat Robertson doesn't get this... that man that he was giving advice for... his wife's debilitating disease is all apart of God's perfect will for His life, it's part of his journey if he would embrace it rather than run from it...  I can only imagine how the Lord can work this in his life for good and I am praying that his eyes will open to that.  His wife needs him now more than ever, and my heart breaks for his wife.  My heart breaks for the thousands of spouses that have been abandoned by their spouses in the shadow of disease or injuries.  Tears are running down my face now thinking of the many faces I have met along this journey, each with a story to tell of how their spouse has walked away, leaving them in their most vulnerable state, when they need their spouse the most. 

My advice to the man... be a man's man, fulfill your vow to your wife... allow God's strength to get you through each hour, knowing HIS grace is sufficient.  Knowing that if you choose God, He will give you strength and renew it daily, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He will fill you with His peace and joy that is truly indescribable.  Another relationship will take away from God's best for you.  It might fill a selfish desire, but it will leave you feeling more empty than you have ever been before.  God is enough, He is all you need and when you are having a difficult day catering to the exhausting needs and demands of taking care of your loved one... He is carrying you through and will delight in you when you do it unto Him.  He has entrusted you to care for one of His beloved daughters, what an amazing privilege and gift that is.

I consider it an honor that God has entrusted me to take care of one of His sons.  He chose my man and all that has happened in our journey as His best for both of us.  Even in my sorrow, He has brought forth so much joy and laughter that I would have never experienced otherwise... I wouldn't trade this journey for anything.  Here I am Lord, "with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the One who gave it all... I'll stand, my soul Lord to You surrendered, all I am is Yours" Have your way in me.

I love being home and falling back into life again.  Today I rejoined my ladies Bible Study that I had been apart of for a little more than a year before Adam's injury.  I love these ladies... I have never been in a Bible study that has 3 generations of women all studying God's Word together.  I am so blessed by these ladies who have been so faithful the entire year and a half I have been apart.  Amazing women full of encouragement, awesome prayer warriors, and wonderful Titus 2 women.  What a blessing it was to rejoin them for their fall study. 

Even after another crazy day in the Root house we had some great time with friends...
Adam and Debby with her daughter's dog Einstein

Mark teaching Adam how to goof off

After Mackenzie was in bed and company had left, Adam was hard at work.  I love seeing my man in front of a computer and he's typing so well, it's just amazing!


Anonymous said...

You know, my friend, somehow I don't think Adaam needs Mark to teach him how to goof off. From what you have said, I think he's a master at it. :) You know, I can't tell you how angered I am at Pat Robinson. I never did totally like the guy anyway. It felt like he was hiding behind the Big Name "THE 700 CLUB". Now whatever respect I had for him is out the window. I would not want to be in his shoes when he stands before Father to answer for that staement. My prayer, is I don't say something eqally as stupid, but that ALL words that come out of my mouth honor and glorify God. I love you and am blessed to be a part of your journey. Marion

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additional pictures. It is so great to see Adam.


Anonymous said...

Adam is so blessed to have such a faithful, loving, warrior-wife in you, Amy! I utterly cringed, too, when I heard Pat Robertson voice that ungodly advice. May God bless you for all you are to your Adam and Mackenzie.

Love, Sheri

Mary Strynar said...

Marion, you are right Adam doesn't need help to goof off. As soon as Mark raised his hand Adam was raising his own, it came naturally. I also pray that I never say something as stupid as Pat Robinson said. Amy, I am so saddened when I think of all the spouses who have left when illness has come to their spouse. Truth tells us that God is perfecting us, sanctifying us. Satan tries to destroy marriage at some many angles, BUT GOD can rebuild and bring anew. May His joy fill you and Adam today. I love you, Mary (Mark's wife)

Anonymous said...

pat robertson is a 33 degree mason. you don't know what that means, because dear amy, your are an innocent sheep, not knowing anything what's going on in this world.
not your fault, but it should become part of your knowledge. everything is run by the illuminati, and free masonry is a big part of it. they worship satan and have everything under control: governments, politics, media including christian tv networs.. every aspect of our society is in their control. this is not conspiracy. 90 percent of people are not aware of it, because they can't see, they are blind, manipulated via media. see the hand sign adam shows, it's not a silly sign, goofing around. it is a hardcore hand sign used in the occult to depict satan. symbols and signs have deep meaning and power in the occult. it brainwashes you and you will not realize it. it is not harmless. it is a statement. adam did not know about, you did not know about, but now you know and now you can decide. dear amy, i love the way you love the lord, you are one of God’s true people, but you need to realize that this world is not what you think it is. 2 years ago I did not know anything about hand signs, free masonry.. much like you right now. so i do understand if you will get upset about my comment and not believe a word. pat robertson has been put in this position to manipulate God's people, by telling such thing like about leaving your husband/wife once they get really sick.. it is a wrong advice, not from
God, a man of God would not give such an advice. pat has a powerful position, a huge responsibility, many christians adopt and follow his advices because they are not deep in the word, they do not really know what GOD tells US. Don't trust those great leaders, those preachers who gather thousands of people, huge churches, televion here and there. i tell you, not all, but many are not what they say they are. Search God, read HIS book. As you said, you did not really know what pain was before adam's accident. now you now too good what pain actually means, and i'm very sorry that you have to experience all the pain, but in the end it was also a lesson. God could teach you things about him, God needed a totally broken heart to show you his mercy, his glory, his power. be aware amy, be aware that you life in a world that is very dangerous if you don't know God. I'm not saying that you should not trust people, christians and leaders, but be critical, think for your own, decide for your own. don't adopt an opinion because he/she says so. Know your God, not people. Trust your God, not what people tell you. You know what pain is. i ask you, before adam's accident did you believe/know that there was sooo much pain possible?

Anonymous said...

Today you know it is indeed possible. The same with bad things. You don't believe me if I tell you those media & christian networks are actually run by a secret society that serve NOT God, but the devil who's only goal is to distract God's people. Insane you might think. But it is the ugly truth that cannot be. It destroys the dreamland that is carefully created around us to keep us from seeing the truth what this society is all about. Hand signs and symbols are used by those people to communicate. Media stars, politicians, musicians and whoever is involved, do hand signs to let each other know 'I'm part of it.' 'I'm in the knowing' Only people who know will see it, the rest of is blind to it, interpret ate it as 'goofing around sign/ coolness... . It's not. It has a meaning, it is a message, it is a statement. Look at mainstream stars, actors, singers, whoever, Obama, they all throw those hand signs in public, it's their way to depict their loyalty to the organization. a satanic organization that rules this world if you believe it or not. Be careful what you do, who you listen to, listen to God. It's not fear mongering, God is with his kids, he protects us, guides us, helps us. He let us know things, so that we can avoid traps.

I love what you said about staying with your spouse, because it was wisdom that God put into your heart. It was love that only God could lay into your heart. God let you see what is right, to stay with your husband. If you know God's word you will recognize those seeds of doubt that is spread. Your feet will stand solid and you will not go like "oh, can it be, it's ok to divorce, this man of God says so."

in case you want to research i must give you a warning as it will become highly uncomfortable and yes painful to wake up and see. please, don't get me wrong, i don't want to scare you or upset you nor confront you with all the s** that is flooding the internet.

in case you want to educate yourself about the subject, i found this site very helpful

i'm not on a mission here, i stick around your blog since june last year, praying for adam and your family. i only post this (long)comment because of your pat robertson 'conflict'. as i know 'the game' that's going on behind the scene i thought i let you know that your inner feeling about pat's statement was right.. and why.

ok i'll stop now. my heart aches, i love your family so much. stay safe.

- a friend

Anonymous said...

You caught me Anonymous. I am actually a 33 degree Free Mason and well and our hard core hand signs apparently did not go unnoticed. I read the Illumanati...good read also.


Anonymous said...

My, oh my....the fat has hit the fan, as my dad used to say. All that talk about 33 Masons may well have some truth in it. What it all boils down to is Father's word to us in Matthew 10:16 "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." I love you dear Amy. May you have a special touch from Father this day. Marion

Anonymous said...

Father's timing is so amazing. My husband is an avid studet. He constantly reads and researches many things. One of the things happens to be the Masons. From what I understood him to say the Masons began back when our country began. There were stone masons and masons of many crafts. They were a group of men who got together....sort of like a regulate the standerzation of sizes and weights. In other words, that the weights and measure were the same in America, Italy, Germany, England....wherever weights and measures were used, you know. They were, and many are still staunch Christians. They belonged, not to one church, but many...Basptist, Presbaterian, and so on. In fact, America's founding father, George Washington, was a mason. He, as a Mason, brought Christian Pastors into the military,and into Congress. While man has gotten in the way and added or changed what the Masons, you can not document how Masonry has ill effected us. As to the secret handsigns, much of that is photoshoped, and therefore fake. Man has a way of making a mountain out of a molehill, thus causing division. This rather than researching the facts, the history behind any organization. As to the reading of the Illumanti, it's a good read AS LONG AS IT COMPLETLY LINES UP WITH SCRIPTURE. Again, I go back to Matthew 10:16, be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. I do agree with, search the scriptures that you might not be found wanting. May we all walk in the Light as Jesus is in the light, and not in the light of men, Marion

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of my dear nephew and his amazing family.

Love, Aunt Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Dearest Amy,

I so agree with you concerning Pat Robertson, we were appalled with his comments--bottom line is, stick to the Word of God and only the Word of God, man is man and as such flawed; only God is truth. Love the pics!

In Him,
Diane Dupre

Wanda said...

Pat's comment bothered us as well! Glad you are able to join Bible Study again. I miss you all! Enjoyed the pictures! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Amy, Please be careful with the postings here today. I love you lots.

Love, Mom

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