Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Man Is Amazing, My God is Even More So

Do you ever feel like, if one more thing falls onto your already seemingly impossible load, it might break you?  I have felt this way on more than one occasion, today just feeling so overwhelmed by all that my life's journey was demanding.  Being teary eyed most of the day and just having a day where nothing seems to be what it should be.  I just wanted to wallow in my sorrow and not talk to anyone... but then my sweet husband could tell I was not myself last night and prayed "Jesus please help, please Jesus, help our love and my lady"  Don't you love that!!!  This was the first time I have heard Adam pray for us and for me!  I just love how incredible my man is!  He's amazing!

We have been so busy the last few days that my head feels like it's spinning trying to keep up.  And I am really sorry, but tonight is a short update because it's nearing 11pm and my alarm is going off in a few hours.

Adam's days at Learning Services are going amazing!!!  I stopped by the Brain Injury Association of NC today and Shawn who has always been an amazing support and a HUGE help to our family, couldn't believe that Adam got into Learning Services, he was in shock, I took it as, another sign that God is in total control of Adam's journey.  He seems to open impossible doors, because our God is a God of the impossible.  What a blessing and an incredible reminder that He is so sovereign.

Well, I'm sorry this was so brief, I feel like I have so much more to say, but I'm too tired to think clearly.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Be on the look out for something amazing to be hitting the blog soon!

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Anonymous said...

Dear One, The journey already is amzing. What you must be talking about must be.....ultra amazing. Short blog entries are OKAY. It's just nice to hear about some of my favorite people. I think one eason Father had you so teary eyed, is so Adam could share such sweet words with Him. I love you and continue to trust Father for you, Adam, and Mackenzie. Marion

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