Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lord Provides All That We Need... All We Need Is HIM

This weekend has been a little bit of a gift to Adam and I... Mackenzie was invited to go to Virginia for the weekend with Bob and Connie to visit Christina and her family... Mackenzie couldn't wait to see the girls.  Abigail turned one this week and Mackenzie made her the sweetest coloring book for her birthday. 

While Mackenzie has been enjoying herself and having a ball spending time with family and even squeezing in a trip to Busch Gardens, Adam and I have had some awesome time together.  Last night we went over to Scott and Stacy's for dinner and games which was so much fun... and today after running some errands we met up with 2 people from UNC that had a tremendous impact in Adam's journey.  It was so awesome to get out and have fun and to introduce Adam to those who have had an incredible impact on his recovery.  We also ran into one of Adam's ICU nurses while we were out and about running errands.  It has been such a blessing and an incredible testimony of God's mighty hand when I see their reactions to how well Adam is doing and how amazing he looks!

Isn't it amazing how God works... today started with me just being sad., missing Adam so much.  Just an hour before heading out to run errands, I was in tears on my knees still boldly approaching the throne begging for my man's healing to continue.   In this time I just poured my heart out to the Lord about  of how much this journey feels like too much, how much I miss my husband, how much I miss my best friend,... the tears just flowed.  I was under a time crunch to run my errands so I had to pull myself together and head out the door. 

Within 2 hours God brought Adam's ICU nurse and the other two from UNC... it helped switch my focus to see how far Adam has come and how miraculous God is in all that He has already done in Adam's recovery.  He sweetly and gently reminded me that He is the reason Adam is still here, He is the reason Adam is speaking and understanding language, that He is the reason Adam is walking, that He is the reason Adam is able to do so much for himself... that HE IS.  He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, He is all knowing, all present, He is sovereign, He is the I Am.  He is worthy of all my praise and to Him ALL glory is due... God is in control and He still is holding Adam in the palm of His mighty and capable hands.

What I realized through this... is that He has not let go of me... that I too am still resting in the palm of His hand.  That is where I need to be, because HE is ALL I need.  1 John 3:1  See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 


Anonymous said...

Sweet friend, we celebrate and we weep with you. Your post reads like one of David's Psalms. Isn't it awesome that at every single moment of the day or night, we can approach God's throne of grace bringing our simple words of thanksgiving or tears of anguish before the God of THE UNIVERSE. And because of the blood of Jesus we are welcomed to that throne which is also the lap of our Heavenly Papa ! The healing in Adam is miraculous and it is gradual. God's ways are higher than ours but sometimes so "not to our liking." I find myself saying along with MORE Father.... and that....Even that He understands and gives us grace to express. What amazing love!!
Hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful week with many observable moments of healing scattered throughout each day!
Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, AMEN! Thank you for sharing--and your Spirit-Filled heart is thinking exactly right, as you know, from scripture--HE is all we need. And, He loves Adam dearly and He is enabling you to be strong beyond human ability--through Himself. Press on, dear sister--keeping that goal of Christ ever in your sights! 1 Cor 15:58

Anonymous said...

Father is SO GOOD to remind us of what He has done, in such a way we don't feel humiliated. I just love that about Him. Oh, you said you ran into Adam's ICU.... and the the initials. Did you knock them over? :) Marion

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