Thursday, September 1, 2011

Glory To The Mighty God We Serve!

Psalm 86:9  All nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; And they shall glorify thy name.

I don't even know where to begin today's post... all I can say is GLORY TO GOD!!!  Adam has had an amazing day!!!  It's not that he preformed well in therapies (he did amazing!!!), but it's that he's initiate so many conversations and has been so alert and bright today.  He joked around with me, teased me... he made me laugh all day.  He's even said my name so many times today!  Glory to God for the miracles today.  It's been an amazing day with my man.  Funny story... This afternoon we were getting ready to leave Learning Services and on the way to the car I told Adam how awesome it was that he had such a good day and that I thought he should celebrate with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen (one of Adam's favorite treats), he quickly agreed.  As we were in the car , pulling out of the driveway of Learning Services he said "Why are we leaving without my blizzard?!!!"  It was so funny!  I let him know we had to go to Dairy Queen and get it.

Adam continued therapies with several tests and evaluations... at one point he was working with the speech therapist in the therapy office and I was sitting in the living room on a couch when I over heard Adam's physical therapist and occupational therapist talking about Adam, the PT said she was amazed, and really surprised that Adam was doing all the things he was doing.  She couldn't believe how different he was in person than what she had read about him in his therapy notes.  She was just astonished that he was able to do so much for himself and complete every task she had asked.  It was so cool, to hear such positive remarks and excitement in their voices as they discussed the things they want to try with Adam.  My man is amazing, but Glory to God for how far He has brought my man!!!

When I asked Adam if he could wake up tomorrow and have another amazing day he said, "I sure hope so!"  I'm not just hoping so, I'm praying so... I am praying that this is the beginning of another breakthrough in Adam's recovery, I'm praying that EVERY DAY Adam will make the medical minds wonder about the amazing and mighty God we serve.  Please continue to pray for my man's FULL recovery, God is hearing your faithful cries, and He sees your faith and is touching my man through your prayers and faith... thank you!


Anonymous said...

If those comments by the therapists aren't evidence Father picked a "good therapist" in you, I don't know what would be. :) :) Yes, I rejoice with you, and I continue to trust Father for your Adam's complete healing and for you and Mackenzie. Marion

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read about all that chatter from Adam. Don't tell him I called it chatter... And yes, he wins hearts wherever he goes. He's so full of Jesus it's irresistable. We pray humbly and boldly each day for AMAZING recovery for Adam... and that people will be so draw to Jesus because you two keep Him on display so beautifully.

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