Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time With Buddies, Time With My Girl

First day of middle school

Thank you all for praying for Mackenzie today... she will continue to need your prayers.  She had a typical first day of school, lots of paperwork to fill out and sign, listening to class rules... and so on.  She said she felt a little out of sorts, like most people already had their groups of friends, I reassured her that she would make friends and would fit in fine.  Please just keep her in your prayers about choosing friends wisely.

Well today I have ended up with more homework than anyone else... Mackenzie brought home about a dozen or so papers for me to read and sign and then Adam has a huge doctor appointment (described below) that required about 45 pages of reading on my part and filling out questionnaires.  My brain is mush tonight.

Adam has a Neuropsychiatry evaluation appointment tomorrow morning.  This appointment is to determine Adam's medications and to see if they are still working, as well as where he is cognitively speaking and how to help him overcome his deficits.  This is a 5 hour evaluation appointment tomorrow so please keep us in your prayers. 

This evening Adam's best friend Scott and another one of their buddies Mark picked Adam up and they all went for a walk.  It was so awesome that Adam was able to hang out with his buddies and still get some exercise.  While Adam was hanging out with his buddies, Mackenzie and I went to the park and hung out and talked for a bit.  It was so awesome talking with her and getting to focus on her and her first day of school without her feeling like she had to compete for my attention. 

Mackenzie walking by the lake at the park

My sweet girl

Our view this evening while we were chatting

So delightful

More on marriage tomorrow... my time in the Word today has been so broken, only a few minutes here and there, I just want to immerse myself in Jesus tonight.  Just give me Jesus.  He is all I need.


Anonymous said...

I will trust Father to give you a stupendous gift of answered prayer as an anniversary gift. Yup, Yup, Yup, I will. Truly, I will trust for a sweet unexprcted answer. Father does things like that. I love you, Marion Mackenzie, Father has wonderful friends just for you. I am excited for you to meet them. You are a special young lady. Father is doing a wonderous work in you. :)

Wanda said...


I am also praying for sweet friends for you!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say "What wonerful pictures" I enjoyed each of them. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Sweet Adam and Amy!!

Jody said...

Saw this and thought of you guys, naturally, since her husband was dealing with a TBI. It's a touching story and lesson that I thought might bless you.

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