Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Questions Answered

We were so blessed today to have spent the entire day, just the three of us as a family.  It was so great, we laughed for a good portion of the day.  I am praising the Lord that Adam is back to himself from being off his medications for awhile, he was back to joking around, laughing, and just actively participating in all that we did.  He's doing outstanding!!!

This evening we attended a local church service, it was a prayer and worship service.  I just being in the House of God where the room is filled with His Spirit, what a blessing it is to worship in His presence.  The service that was preached tonight was on a subject that right before our journey began I was wrestling with and had a lot of questions around.  It was interesting tonight as I listened to the message, I felt like God was speaking directly to me, answering the questions that I wrestled with 15 months prior and over the last 15 months I continued to ask God my questions and not fully understand... but tonight God answered and I understand much better... what a faithful God we serve.

Towards the end of the service there was a place at the alter where those that were wanting prayer for healing could go forward... I wheeled Adam to the alter and I was so touched that the elders anointed Adam with oil and prayed over him, then throughout this time of prayer I was so incredibly touched to see the men that stepped forth and prayed over Adam and for his healing.  I believe there is power in prayer, I believe God is working in Adam, healing him one cell, one neuron, one axon at a time.

Tonight while I was getting ready for bed,  Adam caught my gaze, I asked what was he thinking about and he said "you'... I said, "what about me", and he said... "I am just recognizing you."  I asked him what my name was and he said, "I don't remember, but I know that I love you".  I love my man!


Doug Mortensen said...

Oh, the power of prayer. It is great to hear that Adam was blessed with a "James 5" service.

Adam & Amy Root said...

Yes, Doug, it was truly amazing to see God's word in action. We were so truly blessed by the power of prayer and the obedience of His people.

By the way congratulations... 2 grandbaby blessings in one day. My God continue to pour forth His blessings as you grow to know Him in ways you never knew were possible. Can't wait till we can see you again soon!

Jevans said...

Hi Amy Root. What a blessing to see your text on my phone yesterday. It is such an honor to know you. So thankful that Adam is doing so well. Please tell him how proud I am of all his hard work. Keep Shining my Sister. I pray our mansions will be close together in Heaven so that we can be backdoor friends there. Please give MacKenzie a huge hug!

Love You So,


Anonymous said...

God remains faithful to all who offer prayer! He's so good! Praying too Amy for your healing. You need it and you need rest! Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

He does love you so much! I'm in tears. You are so blessed!!!


Anonymous said...

So many praises!! Look forward everday to reading your update! I believe that we will see and hear many marvelous things in the weeks to come as a result of that time of prayer by the men of that church being obedient to the just added to the multitude of prayers that have been going up for so many our healer and great High Priest Jesus! WOW! What a MIGHTY and LOVING God we serve. Love you guys so much!! Jan and Wayne

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Isn't Father good. Adam knows you, even if he didn't know your name. I love you, Marion

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