Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Time

I have to find a better time to blog these days... when Adam was in the hospital and I would have to go home without him, I used my blog as a way to process my thoughts right before I would lay my head on my pillow.  But these days... I'm so exhausted and tired by the end of the day, I just want to climb into bed next to my man (praise the Lord for this miracle) and lay my head on his chest and go to sleep.  I'm too tired to process my day.  So I have decided I need to readjust and find a better time to blog.  It might mean that I blog in the morning about the day before.  Not sure yet what I'm going to do.  So if you all just hang in there with me as I figure this out that would be awesome and pray that I can figure this out.  Tonight since I am so tired, I am going to try to blog tomorrow sometime before lunch. 

As I lay here tonight I am going to bed tonight completely in awe of my God who has faithfully provided for us, who has never left me, who has carried us in the palm of His mighty and capable hands... I am thanking Him tonight for this journey, for who He is.  What a mighty God I serve.


Kathleen said...

Amy, I experienced this same thing when we finally made it home. Like you, I used the blog as a way to get everything out during time when it was just me in my room and after I had said good night to Cale. Well, at home he was there, with me-and I didn't want to spend that time with us together on the computer and most nights I would be too tired to even think, if i waited for him to fall asleep. Blogging has been here and there...but, with some adjustment I was getting it done! Still not always a go, but I'd rather not sacrifice time with my man! :) Praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Dear One, I am just glad to get to hear from you. Father will make it clear waht time is best for you. I love you and rejoice with you you have yur hubby home beside you. It is a joy, I know. Marion

Ben and Katie said...

haha i see that kathleen beat me to commenting on this one! my family started the blog while i was in the hospital and then i took over. i couldn't update everyday because i didnt have the capacity with a cast on and i was just to tired. i still to this day don't blog every day and i am just dandy with that. i do journal alot (i do need to catch up) so that helps me process too...even if it is just a paragraph.
i usually do it after ben is in bed because he goes to bed so early but then some times again, i just have enough energy to sit up straight!
just find the time that works for you and even if you want to do it every day! you are doing well!
i have seen you mention that adam has some good aps on his ipad...would you mind sending them or posting them? i am trying to get some good ones for ben.

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