Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheerful Hearts Are Good Medicine

My favorite room of the home we're staying in has quickly become the screened in porch... I love to sit out there no matter the time of day.  If it's not too hot, more often than not, you'll find Adam out there sitting with me too.  Today was no different, we started our day out there and ended our evening on the back porch.  

Today was the most restful day we've had in quite some time... with dinner in the crock pot all day, a summer stormy day... Adam even asked for a nap, which means I got one too!!!!  In between all of this I was heavily immersed in the Word of God today.  Do you ever have moments where every time you open the Word one passage leads to another and takes you deeper and deeper into the Word?  This is how my day was, I was able to spend several hours in the Word, what an amazing gift God gave me today... time with Him.

This evening the three of us were on the porch, Adam was drawing ( I got him a ruler and a protractor and he was practicing using them), Mackenzie and I were both having our time in the Word.  I was immersed in my own study when I hear Mackenzie speaking to Adam about a cheerful heart.  She then proceeded to tell him the scripture verse Proverbs 17:22 "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."  Mackenzie was trying to encourage Adam to have a cheerful heart so that it would be good medicine for him... then it hit me... I have read this passage many times but this is the first time I understood it  (don't you love when God's word comes alive to you!!!)  It's not Adam who needs to have the cheerful heart, but it's us surrounding him that needs to have the cheerful hearts, with our cheerful hearts we will be good medicine.  To be cheerful means to instill with hope, joy, or comfort.  This was such a neat lesson to learn with Mackenzie, to show her the healing power our attitudes and spirits can have on Adam and others around us.  Please pray for Mackenzie and I to have cheerful hearts and that it will bring healing to Adam!

I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to blog yesterday... but wanted to share a few things from our day yesterday...  Adam, Mackenzie, and I became official members of the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina.  We spent a couple of hours there yesterday and we were so blessed with the wealth of information we were given.  I am so thankful for this organization and all that they do and provide for those who have suffered a brain injury and the family members that have endured the pain of the injury as well.  I encourage you all to check out the website Click HERE and pray about becoming a member yourself. 

We spent the afternoon at my best friend Debbie's house, where Adam worked with John and actually grilled our chicken burgers.  Adam grilled them!!! He flipped them and even helped pulled them off the grill!  It was so great!  Adam has really enjoyed his time with John.  The 4 of us John, Debbie, Adam, and myself watched America's Funniest Videos after dinner and it was so great to hear Adam laugh and enjoy the show.  The time that the 3 of spend with the Hagan family is really fun and special for all of us, Adam really enjoys his time with John, I get time with Debbie and Mackenzie gets to spend time with her best friend Diana (Debbie's daughter, Debbie and I met through our girls).  It was the perfect Friday evening!

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Anonymous said...

I rejoice that you had such a wonderful day. I liked what you said about our cheerful hearts are medicine for others. THANK YOU for the reminder of having a close relationship with our Father. I just got back from a 2 week vacation with some of my family. I can tell I havn't spent as much time with Father as I usually do. I love you, Marion

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