Sunday, July 3, 2011

True Ramblings...

So I have discovered some new pet peeves in the last couple of weeks... I'd like to share them with you in hopes of raising awareness and not complaining.  With that being said...
  1. People who park in a handicap spot who don't have proper tags or identification to do so.  To the man today at Costco, I know you were in a hurry and didn't want to circle the lot, and honestly I don't care that you'll only be a few minutes... please consider when you do this it means I have to park in the back of the lot to leave enough room to get Adam into his wheelchair, then break my back pushing him from the back of the lot to the front of the store.
  2. The not necessary use of a handicap stall in the bathroom.  Please, please, please think twice before indulging in the larger stall because you like the extra room... by doing this you potentially take up the only stall available to the disabled and while waiting, accidents do happen.
  3. It's okay and appreciated if you offer to help... when you see us struggling with the door, or lifting the 57 pound wheelchair in and out of the car, please offer to help... what's the worst that can help, someone says "no thanks".
  4. If engaging in a conversation or asking questions such as, what happened, first (always first) engage ask the disabled person, if they don't respond then look to the caretaker for ques.  Please do not ignore the disabled or talk over them.  Even if they don't respond, it's just polite to give the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Last new pet peeve... medical supplies... it's ridiculous how expensive medical supplies are, they industry knows you need them so it seems that they charge more.  If you have any suggestions or if I'm missing something fill me in.  I do order most of what I need online and even then it's still ridiculous and it's saves me 40% ordering online than buying in a medical supply store.  Ouch.
I feel so much better having shared my pet peeves... thank you.   As you can tell from above, we've been out and about.  With Adam we try to get out for a bit everyday when he doesn't have therapy, because getting out is therapy in and of itself.  We had a productive day today, I feel like I got so much done and I could honestly feel the power of prayer today.  Thank you.  We spent most of the day at home getting chores done... I tried getting Adam to help with some of the chores but instead he decided he needed a nap (he really did need a nap, he didn't sleep well last night).  All in all it was a good day... my favorite moment was hearing Adam laugh so hard he couldn't catch his breath.  We started watching a new sitcom from Netflix called 10 Items or Less, it was hilarious.  We watched the first 2 episodes and it was pretty funny.  For you Office lovers, you will love this show.

I have a specific prayer request for this week, please pray for Adam to become continent.  Please pray that he will become aware and communicate his needs.  Please pray for theses requests this week.  I know many of you feel led to pray for specific things, and I am so appreciative and grateful for to you all for that, please just pray for the 2 items above they are so important.  Thank you.

I have been so excited seeing God move in our journey the last few days... He is truly a God of provision and restoration, I have found myself in complete awe for all that He is doing in providing for our family.  I love that He uses the body of Christ to meet the needs of the body.  I can't thank you all enough for allowing God to use you as His provisions for our family.  God has truly provided for us the way that He provided Manna in the desert.  "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." Psalm 23:1


Mary Strynar said...

Duly noted! Loved this blog. Also I added 10 items or less to my queue.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sweet Amy, I guess I have a little different take on the first two peeves. For me, I see 8 or 9 empty handicap parking spots, having to drive by with my infant grandchild, because I would get a ticket if I parked there w/o a decal. Second, I go into the bathroom, there ae no stalls available except the handicaped one, and not being able to use it. Common curtesy would open a door for anyone needing it, and at least smiling at the person in the wheelchair first, again is a common curtesy. I guess now a days many people seem to lack it. As for the meds, or supplies, has Adam at any time served in the military? You could go to the VA for greatly reduced, if not completly removed prices. It's not only for war related injuries or needs. That is one of the bennifits for serving our country. My dear friend, I love you and don't pretend to not feel for you when some people so thoughtlessly mistreat Adam. Father sees that, too. He will ask them why. I wouldn't want to be their shoes when they stand before Him. Tell Mackenzie welcome home. Give each other a hug from me. Marion

Jewel said...

Thanks so much for sharing those...sometimes I don't think about that, like using that handicap bathroom stall.

Sounds like you had some frustrations in your day...(Hugs):) I'm sorry.

I remember my aunt telling me, after she lost her leg, that adults usually glanced her way and then looked away while kids were usually the ones to look at her and ask her what had happened. She loved that:)

Jewel said...

I mean she loved the kids asking, not the adults looking away;) She appreciated being seen and acknowledged. There's nothing worse than feeling invisible!

Anonymous said...

Remember Amy a 911 call is approiate in situations like you mentioned. It's a NON emergency...parking complaint and give them the details of the vehicle parked "illeaglly." In WA state it's an expesive shopping day....$450.00! Rightly deserved! I love you very much for making a stand for those who are in need and not able to express it. Adam soon will be able to share when he too sees injustice for disabled people! I am very proud of you ALL! Blessings.
Love, Mom
Citizen's Patrol-Lynnwood Police Dept. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, Thanks for your post. I learned much about being more sensitive to others. I will keep praying about the things listed. Your blog is a blessing--God is using you, and heaven is coming--let's press on in joy and trust, knowing the Lord is growing all of us. Psalm 84:11
Your sister in Christ from Winston-Salem, Sandra

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