Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Thankful For The Holy Spirit

Earlier this week I heard a sermon on Mark 1:9-14 and it got me researching the other books in the gospel relating to this same time.  It's when John the Baptist baptizes Jesus and then the Holy Spirit descends from heaven onto Jesus.  It's at this time that the Spirit leads Jesus into the desert for 40 days and nights and then Jesus' ministry begins.  It got me thinking... we really can't make it through our most difficult trials and suffering without the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  When we're going through trials and suffering, how amazing is it to know we have the power of the Holy Spirit working on our behalf to give us the strength and courage we need to make it through moment by moment.  I have been studying this part of the trinity, the Holy Spirit.  I am so thankful and appreciative of the blood that was shed for me so that I too can experience the power of the Spirit, the gift of the Holy Spirit residing in me because Jesus tore the veil.  How do we ever comprehend this amazing gift.

Today Adam had another productive day and continues to make gains, praise the Lord.  (I'm positive is as a result of all your amazing prayers!)  I asked Adam to write the alphabet, I gave him pen and paper and was able to write all the way to H without assistance after the letter H, all I did was tell him the next letter since he was concentrating so hard on writing... he made it all the way to the letter R!!!!  I was jumping up and down I was so excited! Later on this evening we were driving home and I asked Adam to sing his ABC's and he sang the entire alphabet without assistance!!!  Then just to test him, I asked him to sing Mary Had A Little Lamb and he sang the entire song!  I am so amazed, his memory is coming back. 

There's more... I was working with Adam on recalling the months of the year, after giving him a start with a few months, he was able to do the rest.  Next I asked him to tell me the days of the week and he listed them completely without assistance!!!  This afternoon we were at John and Debbie's and Jack (their son) sat on the couch and worked with Adam on a sequencing application on the iPad.  It gave 3 pictures and Adam had to place in order... I was amazed how he was able to do this, he never worked with this application before and he was doing it perfectly!!!  GO ADAM!!!

Thank you all for praying for us, it is crucial and I am so thankful for your prayers.  Please keep praying for my man, your prayers are being answered!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are welcome. It is an honor to see what Father is doing in Adam's life, and to be even a small part of it. I love you, Marion

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