Monday, July 25, 2011

A Messenger Of Hope

Sorry about missing last night, I have put myself on a strict bedtime because Adam doesn't sleep through the night and he gets up quite early... so if I don't get to blogging before 11pm, it just isn't going to happen.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went over to our good friends, the Ciancarelli's for dinner... nothing like some good authentic Italian food to offer some comfort!  It was really neat to spend time with them, especially the kids since they have been praying so hard for "Mr. Adam".  We sat at the dinner table reflecting on what a miracle Adam is.  It was so exciting to have someone else get so excited with me as we observed Adam and watched him do things for himself!  It always so much fun to rejoice with others!

After giving Adam the day to rest yesterday, we started back up this morning.  Adam started with a pad of paper and a pen  and he drew.  He drew a picture that filled the entire page, this is really exciting because he has a tendency to ignore his right side, but in his drawing he did not!!!  After spending time drawing, he worked on these magnetic puzzlers (like shown below), he did one all on his own.  They are actually harder than they look, all the magnets are small and there is no guide on how to figure them together to fit inside the gray area... and he did it all on his own.  Today he did this in less time than he did on Saturday!  I am so proud of my man, he's amazing!
After a break we packed up and headed to John and Debbie's (my best friend).  Adam worked on a flash card application on the iPad while Debbie and I spent some time together, then we all packed up and headed to a local shopping center to walk.  Adam is walking so far these days, and most of the time when I ask if he's ready for a break or to sit, he declines.  His endurance is getting so much better... I think it helps that when we're home he doesn't use his wheelchair to get around, he walks from room to room. He's doing so well!  By the time we got back to Debbie's Adam was beat and took an almost 2 hour nap... well deserved!  Later on, John started the grill and he took Adam outside to grill with him, it was so awesome because it had been pretty stormy here this afternoon, and the only time it wasn't raining was the 20 minutes they were outside grilling... isn't that awesome that God gave that time to Adam with John! 

I love the reminders that butterflies serve in my spiritual life... this afternoon, Debbie called me into her garage, and there was a beautiful butterfly, while I went to take a picture of it, it flew all the way around me, it circled me completely and then landed directly in front of me... it was so amazing.

This is the exact same butterfly, isn't amazing!

I love what a faithful God we serve, faithful in always showing us that He is in control.  No matter what He is in control.  He is extending His arms wide open offering hope in ways that only God is capable of, all we have to so is accpet His love, his unfailing, never ending love.  Sending me a butterfly today was the perfect reminder that, He loves me so much to send such a beautiful butterfly as a reminder that He is still with me, still going before me, that I am still His beloved.  Some days are more difficult than others, some days are weepier than others, some days are more painful and today was that way for me, so to have God send a little messenger of hope and peace was such a gift from above... God sure knows what He's doing!  James 1:17  Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.


Anonymous said...

Your praise to your Heavenly Father and your beautiful love for your husband is a testimony to your beautiful heart. Amy, I believe those butterflies were from God....He was making sure you knew that He would faithfully carry your sweet family and strengthen you through this next season of healing and adjustments. Thanks for continuing to so faithfully keep us updated ! We will pray as much as ever !! Can't wait to see you! Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

The puzzles remind me of Tangrams. Fun, Fun, Fun. Isn't it just like Father to give yu the gift of the butterfly. He's so cool. I love you and continue totrust FAther for you and your sweet family. Marion

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

I love how the Lord gives us visual reminders of His presence sometimes in the sweetest of places. My youngest OS had a bug project years ago and we needed bugs to pin on a board. I walked out onto our deck and there, plopped straight from the heavens, was a perfect bumble bee that hadn't been there minutes before! I exclaimed with delight that Ike had such a specimen. Keep pressing on! Personally those puzzles looked hard for most people, good job, Adam!

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