Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Mackenzie!!!

Can I just tell you...what an amazing God we serve!!!  He is so mighty, His provisions are truly remarkable and even play out as miracles!  I challenge you to look at the last 24 hours of your life.. how has God provided for you, how has He blessed you?  Has He given you hands to work in order to provide, has He blessed you through a friend, has He revealed Himself to you through His word, has He given you health... each one of us is being blessed by God moment by moment, my prayer is consistently that my eyes would be open to see His grace and blessings all around me.  Exodus 23:25 Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.

I get so excited when I look at my last 24 hours and even more excited when I look at the last week, and even more excited when I look at the last month.  My God is amazing how faithful He has been and remains.  His timing is ALWAYS perfect.  He has blessed our family with the greatest blessing... we are together!  What a gift and a blessing this is.

One of my favorite blessings God has ever given me is my precious little girl (not so little anymore).  Mackenzie turned 11 today!  Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!!!  This last year has not been easy on our relationship, but the last couple of weeks I have really seen her true character shine through... what an amazing little girl I have.  She is such a huge helper, she has an amazing gift of hospitality, praise the Lord that He has given her wisdom beyond her years.  I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  I am so blessed to be her mom! 
This was our first family milestone that Adam was really able to partake in and truly participate.  At lunch today we were singing Mackenzie happy birthday and I looked over and there Adam was singing Mackenzie happy birthday too!  What a miracle this is in and of itself!  Praise the Lord that He is bigger than Adam's brain injury.  This time last year he was still so deep in a coma and we were told he would never speak again or understand language and now today a year later he's singing happy birthday to our kiddo!  Truly a miracle!  God is bigger!!! 

Happy Birthday Mackenzie Rae!


Anonymous said...

Happy BIrthday Mackenzie !! You are an amazing young woman. Jesus is shining through you and I pray that each day you will hear His voice and LOVE obeying and following Him just like your mom and dad love and follow HIm ! Adam, I wish I could have heard the beautiful sound of you joining in singing Happy Birthday !! WOW !! What a mighty God we serve.
Just LOVE reading this blog each day and praising GOd with you .... yes truly every day there's another miracle. Thanks Amy again for so faithfully updating us ! We miss you guys here in NC. love,Jan

Karie Garner said...

Happy Birthday to Mackenzie! She is an amazing young lady and will have an amazing testimony to share one day. I'm so glad Adam is doing well and making such a remarkable recovery. To God be all the glory!! We continue to pray here in NC!!

Anonymous said...

Father is amazing in what He does for us. You will be blessed at where Adam is next year at this time. Why, I bet he even helps make Mackenzie's birthday cake. Much love and many happy returns to Mackenzie. Marion

Anonymous said...

A box is waiting for the address, to go to the birthday. :) Marion

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!

Jewel said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!! I still remember you when you were an adorable little baby with big eyes:) I've been looking forward to you updating again Amy:) I've been thinking about you a lot, just thinking how amazing you are and how God's strength and perseverance just shines through you constantly:) I've had that verse in Hebrews in my mind a lot about living by faith and not drawing back. You have shown that over the past year + and I just want to say again how encouraging you are:) Love you! Go Adam!

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