Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feelings Vs. Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7  For we live by faith, not by sight.

Something I am trying to keep my focus on, keeping it on faith and not on the emotions of my feelings.  God never wants us to live by our feelings... at times my flesh takes over and my emotions kick in, loosing focus on the facts of Christ and His finished and perfect work for us.  And once we face these precious facts, and believe them simply because God says they are facts... He then takes care of the feelings.  God never gives us feelings to enable or encourage us to trust in Him.  God only gives us feelings when He sees that we trust Him apart from our feelings, resting only on His Word and His faithfulness to His promise.  Therefore I am faced with choosing between facing my feelings or facing the facts of God.  My feelings are constantly changing, God's facts are as certain as the Rock of Ages Himself, Jesus Christ, He is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Adam and I had a busy day working on therapeutic exercises.  He was doing great with some of the exercises.  Adam played memory on the iPad and it was amazing... when he recognized one that he had flipped over he was able to find the match!  He did great!  It was so exciting!

My favorite moment came when I asked him to sort these colored blocks I asked him to sort just the orange ones out...
Didn't he do great!

The best part was, while he was sorting the oranges I was visiting with Mr.Jones (whose daughter's home we are in), when I went to go back in to check on him and to see how Adam did sorting the orange blocks... here's what I found...
Not only did he sort the orange, but he grouped the other colors together... such an over achiever!!!  Go Adam!!!

After 4 hours of working together on therapies and a good lunch, Adam was tuckered out... he slept for nearly 3 hours this afternoon.  He must really needed his rest today, he never naps that long.  I personally think he was resting up for his evening of fun...

This evening Adam rejoined his Tuesday night men's bible study and guys night.  He was so engaged and loved being around the guys.  It was so fun to watch him enjoying his time with his buddies.  When I asked if he was ready to go home, he looked at me like I was the most annoying person and then responded he wanted to stay.  It's so good to be back and to be around normal life!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is impressive. It seems like you do most of the therapies very well. I am proud of you, too. Many blessings, and a BIG hug, Marion

Mary Strynar said...

That is so wicked awesome! What you wrote about when God gives us feelings is so spot-on I'm copying it and sharing it. I love you guys, Mary

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. It truly motivates me. Your amazing and I can't tell you enough. Tell Adam that Chelsea and I say hi and that we miss him very much. I'm so happy to read that he is doing so well. Make some time to chat on the phone with me!!! I loved that he went to hang with his buddies. Love you guys very much!!!


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