Friday, June 3, 2011

The View From My Rocking Chair

The picture above is where I blog most nights... I sit in my rocking chair overlooking the lake with the fountain and reflect on my day.  I wanted to share this with all of you so you can picture my haven... my little piece of serenity.  I look forward to my moments of stillness out here.

Tonight is no different, I am just reflecting on how thankful I am to be here, to be in our own place, with our own space, and to enjoy this view, the palm trees, and the warm sunshine everyday... what a blessing these things are. 

NeuroRestorative Avalon Park is a cutting edge pilot program for many other brain injury programs across the US... and today NeruroRestorative Avalon Park celebrated their 2nd Anniversary!  Adam, Mackenzie, and I were able to take part in celebrating and hearing some amazing stories of individuals advocating for the existence of such a program as well as the drive and dedication to see it through till the end result!  I was able to meet the developer of Avalon Park and thank him for creating such an incredible community as well as Mike and Donna Marini, Donna Marini is a huge driving force behind the existence of NeuroRestorative Avalon Park.  In fact today the gym was dedicated to her!  She herself is a quadriplegic, and knows the struggles of over coming a catastrophic injury.  She and I talked for quite some time and I left feeling so encouraged.  What an honor to meet her and her husband Mike.

So every night this week my goal has been to get Adam out for a couple of hours... not just to our home, but out in the community.  It's been fun getting cleared to transfer Adam once again and have the freedom to drive away for awhile.  Mackenzie and I both have cherished the moments we have spent together... even if it is running errands!  I am praising God tonight for Adam's progress and ability to transfer himself so much to allow us to be mobile!  7 months ago I was told this would never be my reality again, and I am sitting reflecting on what a mighty God I serve!  I can't wait to see where He is taking Adam in his recovery.

I do believe with all my heart that God has plans for Adam, mighty and big plans.  I am praying tonight that God continues to do a work in Adam's healing and recovery and I ask you all to join me.  One of Adam's therapists here likes to remind me regularly that Adam is going to get to a point where he will plateau in his recovery and that he will never be what he once was.  I know she is doing her best to ground me to reality, but I refuse to allow her words to stick.  In fact I actually feel sorry for her that she hasn't experienced the power of my King.  I have seen God work in Adam in ways I never thought were possible or that I would ever get to see in my lifetime.... that I know He has amazing plans for my man.  I believe God will restore Adam, I have had peace about since the day of his accident and I refuse to let go of God's peace and the hope that He has given me.  This is just one more person along this journey that Adam will show that out God works outside of statistics, outside of the scientific world... that HE is bigger.  When this journey is said and done, I never once have expected Adam to be the same person... none of us will be... we are forever changed... but that doesn't mean God is finished with Adam... I believe He has only just begun!  Please join me in praying for my man's FULL recovery, for God's hand upon Adam's healing process, and for the unbelief in those who work with Adam. 

1 Chronicles 29:11  “Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.”

No matter how long this journey... I will continue to praise God, in my sorrow, in my joy...  I exhalt Him over all that I am and over all that He has given us.  I wouldn't trade this journey for anything, I wouldn't want to go through it again, but I wouldn't trade it for anything... what an honor to witness God's miracles and to know in the depths of my soul what a mighty God I serve!


Anonymous said...

I have several things I wouldn't trade for anything. Yet, like you, I wouldn't want to go through them again. There are always people who think they know so much. They are the ones Father amazes. You are right on in your thinking...OUR FATHER IS MIGHTY!! Amen and Amen!! Marion

Karie Garner said...

Once again, an amazing post! You are such a gifted writer and God is going to use that in a big way for you. You are so good at putting your thoughts on paper (or laptop)and engaging your reader and really convincing them of just how great our God is and how strong your faith is. Way to go Amy!

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