Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travels, Love, and Progress

The last 60 hours have been a complete whirlwind... I'm still trying to catch my breath.  For the first time in 8 months I was back in North Carolina!!!!  Home sweet home.  This trip was anything but relaxing and restful, it was go, go, go... trying to take care of all the details that needed to be addressed over the last 8 months.  Leaving North Carolina was very difficult but I know it won't be long before we get to come home for good.  Just wanted to shout a HUGE thank you to all of you in North Carolina who have helped take care of things for our family while we've been away as well as those of you who spent time with Mackenzie over the last several weeks she was in town... thank you!!!

In spite of the busy schedule over the last several days... I have had some amazing time in God's word and oh my goodness did I need it!  He has been really working on my heart and I will share more tomorrow (it's 1:30am time for bed).  I love that God is consistently wooing my soul, and when I open His word He speaks to my heart.  In the midst of ciaos and craziness, sorrow and joy, tears and laughter... He is writing on my heart His loving kindness, His never failing love...  Nehemiah 9:17 says God is abounding in love, Psalm 86:13 tells me great is His love for me, Psalm 136 says His love endures forever, Jeremiah 31:3 says He loves me with an everlasting love.... more to come!  Just know tonight... Beloved, you are loved with a never ending, never failing, unconditional love... Amen?!!!

Adam and I have had many many phone conversations and lots of time in prayer over the hours I have been apart from him.  I love seeing my man's heart when he prays, it's unbelievable to hear what a grateful heart Adam prays from. Adam has been doing awesome in therapies the last several days and tells me regularly that he was BUSY and that he has worked hard.  He has asked when he can see me, I loved this because it shows that he misses me, he is aware that I haven't been there.  PROGRESS!  Praise the Lord for progress!!!

More tomorrow... night!


Anonymous said...

I so REJOICE that you were able to go home for a bit. Father knew it was needed, not just for you, but for them too. I rejoice, too, that Adam was/is doing so well. I love you and continue to trust Father for you. Marion

Anonymous said...

We can't wait for you to get back to NC... I hope your trip here was great and that it was everything you knew you loved and missed! Can't wait until you get home!!!

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