Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Touching The Highlights

Tonight is going to be a quick update, I am exhausted and it's past midnight... so I need to put myself to bed.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement from last night's post of the 10 things I was ranting about. We are so blessed to have such awesome support, you all encourage us and keep us going in ways I will never be able to express, thank you.

I am only going to hit the highlights from today...
  1. My man wrote his full name today "Adam Root" with his speech therapist!!!!  I am so proud of him!!!   He has written his name before, but not his full name, this is very exciting!  GOD IS GOOD!!!
  2. We were discharged today!!!  Back to NeuroRestorative and one step closer to a FULL recovery!  The hospital we were at was awesome, but there is nothing awesome about being in the hospital so it sure is nice to be back to a non-hospital setting.  GOD IS GOOD
  3. Adam had a couple great guys come hang out and visit with him.  Our good friends Bill LaPiana Kevin Hooper from our church in North Carolina were both in town this evening and stopped by for to give Adam some much needed guys time, what a blessing this was!  THANKS GUYS!  GOD IS GOOD!
Today has been a crazy busy day and I am just beat, I haven't had my time in the word yet (which is why I really have to cut this short) and I am looking forward to climbing into bed and reading God's word (my love letter) for a bit.  Good night ya'll.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep, so got on the computer to see if you had anything new on the blog. :) I'm sorry some of Adam's caregivers st the hospital made the otherwise great hospital not so pleasant. I love my Jesus, but am not so good at getting into His word as you seem to be. My favorite part of your entry was about getting to spend time with Father. Thank you for the reminder. Much love, Marion

Anonymous said...

So glad you're out of the hospital, Amy! What your list yesterday really told me was that having a loving, involved, proactive, advocating family member is not the norm...which saddens me for so many other patients. Adam is so fortunate to have you there by his side. Keep up the hard work!

Love you guys
Amy Jones

Vicky Scott said...

I don't know if you are giving Adam supplements or not but there is a product, called D-Manose that you can find in the health food store. Some come with cranberry also which is good. One comes in powder form which can be mixed with liquid if Adam can't take a capsule. Even Dr. Oz recommends this. The point is that given daily, it keeps the bacteria from attaching to the bladder, etc. and eliminates UTI's. It is a prophylactic, and works because we use it for Jonathan. It beats antibiotics which destroy the good bacteria in the body which Adam needs. If you can, get him a high potency probiotic in powder or capsule form and D-mannose and give it to him daily. This beats going back into the hospital.
Glad Adam is back at rehab and doing well. Never Give Up

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sight that must have been to see Adam write his full name !! Thank you God !!! God is so faithful and He is doing amazing things in Adam's body and in your family. Praying for you both to be renewed and filled up with the faith and joy you need to continue to live in victory each day ! Love, Jan

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