Saturday, June 4, 2011

Put It In God's Hands

Put It In God's Hands
By Mary Sue Wickham

Put It In God's Hands
And He Will See You Through
He Knows The Plan He's Made For You.
He Knows Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Dreams.
He Will Guide You Through All Extremes.

Put It In God's Hands.
He Will Show You The Way.
As He Prays For You Each And Every Day.
If You Pray To Him, He Will Answer Your Prayers.
For He Is The Almighty One Who Really Cares.

Put It In God's Hands.
He Loves You Very Much.
He Has So Much Power And Strength To Give You That Magic Touch.
He Is Standing By You All The Way.
He Understands And Loves You Each And Everyday.

Put It In God's Hands.
For He Believes In You.
He Has Great Faith In Everything You Do.
He Also Makes Sure That There's An Angel Watching Over You.

Put It In God's Hands.
And You Will See,
What Great Miracles Just May Happen To Be.

Isn't this poem amazing!!!  I saw it today and this will be one that I will keep close to my heart.  This will be one that I will be reading and rereading regularly.  How often I put something in God's hands just to turn around and take it back... this is a good reminder to leave my worries, my struggles, my sorrow... leave it all in the capable hands of my King.

We had a fairly uneventful day here... please keep praying for Adam's FULL recovery and that this agitation phase will pass quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!! I will agree with you that the aggitation will be gone. Thank you for sharing the poem. I love you, Marion

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