Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nothing's Gonna Take The Praise Out of My Mouth

"Nothing's gonna take Your praise out of my mouth... as long as shall live."  Song lyrics I heard today... I gave it some thought, and nothing will EVER take the I have to offer to God out of my mouth.  Look how far Adam has come.  Glory to God for all He has just began accomplishing in my man.  Through my tears and sorrow, through my joy and happiness... nothing will EVER take the praise out of my mouth because to Him be the glory, to Him all praises are due.  1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  To God be the glory, and we will continue to offer praise and thanksgiving as we see God's miracles preformed daily.

I have spent a lot of time in God's word today and quite a bit of time reflecting on all that He has done for our family.  I am in awe and so thankful that we are still a complete family.  What a blessing and a gift that it is to still have my man here with me.  What a mighty God we serve.  Adam was so sweet and tender towards me today, it was like every time I looked into his eyes, I was seeing my Lord looking back at me.  God is reigning in my man and it is evident.  Oh how I love my man.

Adam had another packed day of therapy, he started his day off walking and exercising with Jim and moved into 2 hours of group therapy and then spent the afternoon in one on one therapies.  In speech therapy today with Lily she was trying to get Adam to count and she said, one, two, and Adam responded... buckle my shoe, Lily said three, four, and Adam responded... shut the door.  I just had to laugh.  He knew exactly what she was doing.  I know they have to start off small and on a basic level, but I believe Adam is operating on a level above and beyond that.  Today he showed that.  He is so funny.  I have enjoyed this time with my man.  We have spent so many special moments with it just being the two of us.  I am truly cherishing these moments, for I know they are a gift from above.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, being a family is truly a gift. I am so angered at people who leave their spouse of loved one because it is hard...whatever that might be. You have embraced a gift and shone with the light of The Son. Thank you, Marion I continue to trust Father for yu and your sweet family. Marion

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