Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning to Hold Joy and Sorrow

Amy is still without computer access and has asked me, her brother Daniel, to fill in for the time being.

Firstly, Amy sends much love and thanks for the prayerful thoughts and responses for her, Adam, and Mackenzie. She is adamant that it is those very words of encouraging prayer that keep her eyes and heart focused in this lengthy journey. So thank you to each and every person that has kept my family in their prayers.

It has been 410 days since this hospital hopping doctor debacle began, and without a doubt God with His unconditional love, grace, and provision has been Amy’s guide. As we learn to hold sorrow with God’s love and grace the fruit of His spirit enters allowing joy and beauty to work its amazing power to hopefully see God’s Kingdom here on earth.  

To echo a prayer that Adam prayed yesterday with Amy:
Dear Lord,
I love the way You work… Amen

It is amazing that after all Adam has been though he still reaches for the creator in awe.

Thank you God for the journey of healing in which you are taking Adam, may you continue to work all things together for those who believe in you. We trust in you that your fruit is intimately integrating in Amy, Adam, and Mackenzie bringing your joy and beauty to all areas of their lives… Amen

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Adam, I love the way Father works. He has an amazing plan being worked in each of our lives that we can only guess at. I love you and continue to trust Father for each of you, Marion

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