Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such A Wonderful Sunday!

I am so proud of my man!!!  This morning, Adam, Mackenzie, Stacy, and myself loaded up and headed to church.  We went back to CrossWay which is the first church Mackenzie and I visited here, we met up with Larry and Carol Schatz, this is the couple that we met last time we were there and they also came to visit Adam at NeuroRestorative.  I was amazed by how well Adam did, so many people came up to him and introduced themselves to him and he shook their hands, and introduced himself, and even help conversations!  I was amazed and blessed that he didn't get overwhelmed or even overstimulated, he seemed to enjoy himself and those around him!  What a blessing it was to attend a church that is so welcoming, that has amazing worship, and both times I have left feeling challenged and blessed by the messages!  I love being around the body of Christ, I feel so blessed!

The message today that Pastor Kolb spoke was so great, he spoke on James 2:14-24.  The message was about faith and faith without deed.  Faith is one of the most crucial terms in the entire Bible – it denotes the trust one has in another – but it also conveys the idea of the trustworthiness or reliability of someone. Faith is not a passive resignation to life like fate; rather, it is a confidence that God will fulfill His promises and as a result causes people to act upon those commands that lead to the promises. Faith means both to believe and to be faithful to the belief.  I left feeling challenged and wanting to live by faith and truly have a life marked by trusting in God and living by faith believing in all His promises!

Our Sunday only continued to get better!  After church we brought Adam home to our apartment and proceeded to have a wonderful, lazy day!  Adam made himself comfy on the couch and we all curled up to watch one of Adam's favorite movies... the Princess Bride.  After the movie Adam took a nice nap on the couch before dinner.  Then after dinner we went to the pool, Adam and I watched as Stacy and Mackenzie swam and played in the water.
A snap shot from the day, Mackenzie and Stacy playing in the pool.


Hillary said...

I nearly started crying when I read that Adam went to church. Wow, wow, wow!

Mary Strynar said...

Wicked Cool!

Anonymous said...

It is good to be with the body of Christ. I am so glad you could all go. Mackenzie looked as if she was having alot of fun in the pool. I love you and continue to trust Father fopr you all. Marion

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