Monday, May 23, 2011

Reflection Moments

One of the participants here at NeuroRestorative became very ill and was sent to the ICU at a local hospital last week, I went up to visit with him and pray with him since I know he doesn't have any family in the area.  As I walked through the ICU and into this person's room, it flooded me with the memories of so much of our journey in the ICU at UNC, it made me just surrender it all and give God the glory and thanks for how far we have made it and I just paused for a moment and prayed for the many nurses in the ICU that took care of Adam. 

When I take the moments to reflect on how far God has brought Adam and continues to bring Adam everyday I too am amazed.  We worship a God who specializes in the impossible, Amen?!!!  Praise the Lord that it is only by His hand that Adam is where he is and it is only by His power that Adam has made such significant and amazing gains in the last couple of weeks.  What a mighty God we serve.  I was reading out of Matthew 10 and in the section of the chapter where Jesus is talking about how much more valuable we are than the sparrows and yet they are provided for so how much more God cares about you and I than the sparrows.  I just loved what my footnote said and I wanted to share it... "You are so valuable that God sent his only Son to die for you.  Because God places such value on you, you need never fear personal threats or difficult trials.  These can't shake God's love or dislodge his Spirit from with you.  This doesn't mean however, that God will take away all your troubles.  The real test of value is how well something holds up under the wear, tear, and abuse of every day life.  Those who stand up for Christ in spite of their troubles truly have lasting value"  I am giving God thanks for seeing value in us and in my man, for giving Adam the strength he needs to be able to live for Him during this difficult trail that he is facing.  I pray that Adam will continue to hold on to all that God has for him and to know without a doubt in his mind that God is with him, walking with him, that He takes value in him, and that He is preparing the way of great things to come!
Tonight was small group night!  I was looking forward to small group all day.  Adam and I join our small group in North Carolina via the computer and the wonderful world of technology.  After dinner, we were able to log on and see everyone.  I love this time of fellowship and sense of normalcy.  Adam and I are blessed to be apart of such an amazing and wonderful small group and we are continually blessed by all that they do to make us still feel so much apart of them even when we're hundreds of miles away. 

Overall Adam's day was very low key, he didn't that much therapy today and for a Monday, life seemed pretty slow.  Therapy dogs came by NeuroRestorative this afternoon and Adam seemed to enjoy having a dog around, even if for only a short time.  Adam had a long break between therapies so Stacy, Adam, and myself played a game of Carcassone.  Carcassone is one of Adam's favorite games, it's a simple game of strategy.  I love when I have moments to play a game with Adam and I praise God for the gift of being able to play games with Adam.  We weren't able to finish the game because Adam had to move along in his schedule... but next time we'll for sure finish and I'll let you know who wins!

Mackenzie and I are so sad that we are to say goodbye to Stacy in the morning. She's heading back to North Carolina... we're going to miss her so much.  Pray for her travels tomorrow.  It's been so fun having her here and creating such wonderful memories with her.  One of my favorite memories is...  Her husband Scott is Adam's best friend and Scott is currently in Iraq... tonight Scott called us using a video chat over the computer and we sat the computer at the kitchen table and the 5 of sat down and had dinner together, well as best we could anyway... again, I just love technology!  This will be a memory that I will hold onto for a long time... if only I would have thought to take a picture of it, oh well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacy for spending the time with Amy, Adam, and Mackenzie. I know it must have been a special time each day for all of you. Blessings upon your travels home and all my love to you ALL.
Love, Karen/Mom/Grandma

Anonymous said...

I rejoice with you for the time you spent with Stacy. You guys looked like you had some real fun. I love you and continue to trust FAther for you and your sweet family. Marion

Preston said...

Carcassone!!!! I'm glad you guys got to play that! For you readers, you don't realize how much he loves that game!! Hahaah we played sometimes after small group (I never won), and he was always pumped to play. So glad to hear him doing the things he loves with the people he loves! God Bless!

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