Friday, May 27, 2011

It's About Time For A Game of Halo!

Thank you to so many of you who commented on last night's post, your comments, facebook messages, and emails were so encouraging.  Like I said last night, we couldn't do this without all of you.

Today has been a long day and I am extremely exhausted.  So I'm not going to do a full update, but I want to hit the highlights...

This morning when I went over to help Adam get ready for his day... I couldn't believe how much improvement he has made this week.  He got himself ready with only verbal ques... he's amazing!!!  Today in physical therapy Jim worked with Adam on transfers and balance... I was stunned as I watched Adam get himself on and off the therapy mat in standing position with no assistance!  Amazing!!!  But the real highlight today came this evening... we were hanging out at home and Adam was mildly agitated and I was trying to move him to the next task, so I put Halo in the Xbox and handed him the controller, sat back and watched him play Halo!!!  This is the first time he has attempted at playing an Xbox game and it was awesome!  And in my not so professional opinion he did great!!!

Adam had a few episodes of agitation today and if you all could be praying for both of us in those moments that would be great.  Pray that both of us remain safe.  Adam is so strong and he forgets that he needs assistance and then gets frustrated and sometimes to restrain him to keep him safe takes a huge toll physically, so please pray for my strength and for this agitation phase to pass quickly.

I can't help but to believe that this phase of agitation is going to propel Adam forward and towards his FULL restoration!  I continue to believe that God will FULLY restore Adam, I'm not saying for one minute that I believe Adam will be the same person, but I do believe he will be restored. Jeremiah 31:13 I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. He also promises me rest, which I am thankful for so with my comfort and joy that God has given me in the day, I am going to go rest in His arms.  Good Night!


Anonymous said...

My sons have played Halo. They seem to enjoy it. Yes, my friend, I do pray for your strength and Adam's peace of spirit. Father has you both in His hands. I love you, Marion

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

You are a courageous woman. Adam is a blessed man and I am amazed at how strong you two are! Glory to God!

Preston said...

I just keep getting more and more encouraged by these posts! So glad to see Adam getting back into the norm and being able to do his relaxation activities! God Bless, Preston.

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